Bankrupt Cambridge Photographer Accidentally Discovers The Secret To Turn Expertise Into £672,989 In Just 9 Days!

In the summer of 2009, bankruptcy forced me to close the doors on my photography and graphic design business. 

That was when the ship sank! 


That’s not when I struck the iceberg!

My business hit the iceberg of change on Monday 15 September 2008. I remember the precise moment when everything changed. 


Where Were You When You Heard The News… 

The news that the world as we know it was over.

The news that a tidal wave of change had just washed ashore and the small convenient umbrella that you keep in your bag was not going to keep you dry.

The news that Lehman Brothers was bankrupt.

I was sitting on the edge of a bed in Barcelona waiting for my wife to take a shower before we went out for dinner.

I had absentmindedly turned on the television and the horror of what I saw kept me wide-eyed and open-mouthed.

“Are we going?” My wife asked

“Just a sec” I replied

How much time had passed from when I turned on the TV to now? I don’t know. I couldn’t take my eyes off what I was watching because I was looking for answers. But there were no answers that day. The answers would come soon enough in brutal waves of change but on Monday 15 September 2008, all they had were facts.

I was in Barcelona on honeymoon and as my wife and I walked through the narrow streets to a recommended restaurant I tried to explain why I had forced her to wait.

“The investment bank Lehman Brothers has just gone bankrupt”

“So, how does that affect us?” she said

“I don’t know, I think banks are going to stop lending, that many businesses are going to stop investing in growth and that a lot of businesses are going to go bust.”

I wasn’t an economic analysist and wasn’t pretending to be. I couldn’t tell you why I thought so many businesses would fail, it was just a feeling I had. Equally, I couldn’t tell you why I thought my businesses would succeed. I was just determined that it would.

You see, I felt the ship hit the iceberg and instantly convinced myself that I could bail out the water, repair the hole and still keep moving forward, all at the same time.

What an optimistic fool I was!


My Actions Accelerated My Bankruptcy

My success plan was simple. Speak to more customers than anyone else, steal business from my competition and ride out the storm.

That plan might have worked if that’s what actually happened. But…

I ran ever-increasing amounts of Google and Facebook ads to a website with virtually no copy. Not exactly the best way to tell a prospective customer why they should do business with you over anyone else or doing nothing.

You see, I foolishly thought that my work would do the talking for me. That my prospects would visit my site and instantly decide that I was the photographer or graphic designer for them.

That was a big and costly lesson. Never expect your prospect to read your mind. Never expect your prospect to finish your thought. Never expect your prospect to just get it. Because they won’t! 

Lazy and stupid marketing like that will force you into a job faster than anything else!

All my attention was on website traffic. More views equals more sales, right? That was what I knew, what I understood and where I was an expert.

I put in the work to get cheap clicks. Eye-wateringly low priced traffic in the belief that if enough people saw my site… the money would follow.

What I now know is that traffic is only half of the success equation. The other half is the conversion of your website.

After months of burning through my life savings, I could see that what I was doing wasn’t working. I was…


Watching My Business Slowly Die… And I Was Powerless To Do Anything About It!

I was trying to spend my way to success rather than learn my way.

When my life savings were gone, there was only one thing left to do… get a job! 

I knew my businesses failed because I didn’t have a system to find my ideal customer (people that needed my help) and make them feel good about buying. I couldn’t turn leads into paying customers.

So as I watched the ship sink from the safety of a lifeboat I committed to finding a proven way to turn leads into happy, paying customers. That was my mission impossible!

My journey started as the marketing manager for a specialist PC gaming company. Here I managed the UK marketing for the biggest names in PC gaming. Brands such as Razer, Corsair, Sapphire, and Sennheiser.

If you’re a PC gamer then those names will mean something to you. If like me, you’ve never played a computer game in your life and you use a mac then you’ll have to take my word for it when I say that these brands are the Nike, Apple, Amazon, and Uber of the PC gaming world.

The brands were thrilled with my work because I got them great reviews in the most prestigious magazines and websites. I knew all the editors and used the relationship for mutual benefit. The editors pleased their readers with the coolest kit and the manufacturers couldn’t believe the coverage they got.

I supported the editorial content with advertising so I was doing all the right things to make sales.

And I sponsored eSports competitions. This is like sponsoring Wimbledon. Only tennis fans are going to watch it. Similarly, only hard-core PC gamers are going to watch professionals playing computer games.

Despite the praise for my work, I felt like a fraud because…


I Couldn’t Prove That Spending £100,000 On Marketing Made A Single Sale!

My job wasn’t taking me closer to finding a proven way to turn leads into happy, paying customers, so I turned to traditional education.

You see, I’d just walked down a dead-end in my job so needed to look somewhere else for guidance.

I joined the Chartered Institute of Marketing and did all their courses. Even though they didn’t take me closer in my search to find a proven way to turn leads into sales… I always hoped they would. Why? Because they are the biggest and most respected name in marketing education.

If you want a general overview of running a business then their courses are great. But if you want to discover how marketing can make the cash register ring, then they will leave you disappointed.

Having walked down a second dead-end. This time a very costly and time-consuming one. I decided to continue my search in another job.

This time, working for a property education company. My role was simple, generate qualified leads for the sales team.

There was just one problem…

I had no idea how to do that! 

So I failed spectacularly for the first few months until… someone recommended a couple of direct response marketing books. That’s when my life changed forever...


I Finally Discovered Marketing That Makes The Cash Register Ring!  

One book recommendation changed my life forever!


Because it felt like it was written just for me. You see, the book was written by an entrepreneur who talked about things like:

What do you do with a limited marketing budget

What do you do if your next campaign has to make the sale or you’re out of business

How to use words to pull your ideal customer into an ad that takes them on a thrilling joy-ride so they want to work with you and will happily pay for your products or services

One book led to another, which led to one course, then another and another. I was hooked… this was my new addiction.

I studied for a minimum of 3 hours a day for several years.

And the hard work was paying off. But it only gave me incremental change. If I’m honest, the work I put in was far greater than the results.

That changed in December 2014, when I took a month off to look after my 3-month-old daughter. When she was sleeping, I was studying and by New Year I had a new form of marketing that was unlike anything I’d ever used before. 

But at this stage, it was just an academic idea. The rubber had never actually met the road.

That changed in January 2015 when I had the opportunity to test this new marketing idea. We were selling a new Amazon course for £27.

The goal was to become the biggest name in the UK for Amazon training. And I believed the only way to achieve that ambitious goal, was with my new form of marketing.

Testing my idea was a huge risk because it meant throwing out everything that we’d done before. As you might expect, this was met with some resistance from my team.

They thought I had lost my mind when I wrote the target on the wall…

1,000 event sales in 9 days!

To put that target into perspective, 200 sales would have been good. 300 sales would have been amazing. So, 1,000 sales was way beyond anyone’s wildest imagination.

After bulldozing my idea through…


The Stage Was Set For A Spectacular Triumph Or A Terrible Fall

On opening day, we had just 34 sales. That’s not bad if your target is 200. It’s a long way from Kansas if you want 1,000 sales.

I had complete faith in the system even though there was no reason why I should. You see, I’d never used it before and didn’t know anyone who had.

For the next 8 days, I focused exclusively on getting the system right. That way, if everything failed at least I gave it my best shot.


At the end of 9 days, we made 1,105 sales. We crossed the line in record-breaking style.


What Happened Next Completely Blew My Mind…

The launch of the Amazon Discovery Day events was so successful that we decided to sell the Amazon workshop.

The first launch sold a £27 event. The second launch sold a £1,997 workshop.

Could this system sell a product at £1,997? This was beyond my wildest imagination. Seriously, do you believe that someone would invest that amount of money in themselves and their future after reading a web page?

The challenge was exciting and terrifying. I knew that this was the most powerful form of marketing that I’d ever used so I put my faith in the system… held my breath… and reluctantly pressed go.

I didn’t need to worry because…


The Second Launch Made £672,989 In Just 9 Days!

This was using the exact same system!

I’ve used this system to sell £27 products (books, CD & DVD sets) and I’ve used this system to sell high-end courses and mentorships from £1,000 to £6,000.

I’ve been able to enjoy consistently high results because I turned my experience into a simple 5-step system. This removes the guesswork and the doubt and gives you a proven action based road map to follow.

Now you know how the system was discovered, it’s time to ask you a question. Do you want to continue with hope marketing?

What’s hope marketing? It is paying for activity or advertising and hoping that the phone will ring.

And as many marketing “experts” will tell you:

“It’s impossible to see a direct link between the marketing that you are doing today and the sales that you make tomorrow.”

You continue down the path of hope marketing.

My mission is to prevent every business owner from suffering through the same pain as I did. I want to take you on the ecstatic ride that comes with having a proven system to turn leads into cash.

Would you like to use my years of education and trial and error to help you make more sales?

I’d like to work with you so that when the next financial crisis comes (which might be sooner than we think now that we are in the post Brexit chaos) your business is the one that bucks the curve. Your business is the shining beacon of success in a sea of failing businesses.

I would like you to see El Dorado. There are two ways of doing this.

  1. I can give you the treasure map and you can follow the path that has claimed the lives of so many before you.
  2. You can let me be your guide.

I have been to El Dorado. I know the blood and sweat that is required to get there on your own. I know the setbacks and dead ends that you have to shake off as part of the journey.

And I have built a yellow brick road to take you there faster than you thought possible. Every bump has been smoothed out so that you can simply enjoy the scenery on route to the fabled city of gold.

Carpe Diem

Roland Eva