What Does An Expert Look Like?



Starting a business requires courage, no doubt about that!


90% of startups fail in the first year!

Of those that make it through the first year, another 90% fail within 5 years!

So why do some businesses succeed and some businesses fail?

I think part of the answer lies in this book title:

Be So Good They Can’t Ignore You

To say it in less cryptic language, are you really good at what you want to sell. If you’re selling a physical product, is it as good or better than what’s already on the market? If you’re going to start a training company, can you really help other people achieve the results that you have. If you’re going to start a consulting company, can you really achieve a specific result for your clients with virtually none of their time?

If you can confidently answer Yes to those questions then please start thinking about becoming your own boss.


What if you answered Maybe?

You see, you may fall into the category of achieving amazing results and still never really believing you’re anything special because you’re always looking at the next challenge.

I’ve always been like that. As an athlete, it was great to win the County Championships. Before I could enjoy the moment, I wanted to with the East Anglian Championships. It felt great to be East Anglian Champion and then my eyes were set on the National Championships. And when it mattered most… when knocking on the door to international athletics… I never even made the final.

So, was I ever any good?

That’s not an easy question to answer because good is not an absolute term. Yes, I broke some records. Does that make me good? Maybe…

Unless you are the best in the country… or the best in the world… it’s hard to say I’m great. Or, I’m an expert.

You see, expert positioning is not given, it’s claimed. Mohammad Ali was not given the title of The Greatest. He claimed it before anyone believed he was.

Mohammad Ali said I am the greatest before his world title fight against Sunny Liston. No one believed that Mohammad Ali could beat Sunny Liston. In fact, one reporter wrote that Ali would not be Liston if he was given a knife, a chair and a gun!

It was a shock to the boxing world when Mohammad Ali knocked out Sunny Liston. But one victory did not prove that Ali was the greatest. He had to perform consistently, and repeat his claim at every opportunity he was given, before the world knew him as The Greatest.

So what does all of that mean for your expertise? How does that help you know if you’re so good they can’t ignore you.

Malcolm Gladwell defined an expert as anyone with 10,000 hours of deliberate practice in his book Outliers. This has also become known as the 10-year rule.

But it’s much more than time that makes someone an expert. It’s the 10 years of deliberate practice that is the most critical thing.

What’s deliberate practice? It’s time spent improving your craft. Not doing it. Not going through the motions. Time spent challenging yourself to improve.


Seeing Your Reflection In The Expert Mirror

How can you see your reflection in the expert mirror? How will you know if you are an expert?

If you can honestly answer Yes to this question then you are an expert:

Do you possess a unique mix of academic knowledge and real world experience?

You see, an expert is someone with a unique mix of academic knowledge and real world experience.

Academic knowledge is important. This is what takes you from clueless to dangerous!

Why dangerous? Because until the rubber actually meets the road you have no idea what you’re doing!

When you actually use your academic knowledge for the first time, you come face to face with how well you know your subject… and how close to reality the knowledge really is.

This is when Knowledge becomes Wisdom.

We all remember when knowledge or information was hard to find. Today we are surrounded by knowledge and what we are looking for is wisdom.

We want to learn the straight from the trenches… what’s working right now secrets.

Is this the shortcut to success? Absolutely!


Because learning a new skill is often a chaotic journey of discovery which leads you down several dead ends. At least, that’s how it was for me… and I’m guessing it was the same for you too.

So, if you can show someone the fastest route from A to B then you are giving them the shortcut secrets. Yes, they still need to do the work… and you’ve just saved them years of frustration.

How long have you been in the trenches grinding out your success?

The more real world experience you have the more wisdom you possess and the more of an expert you are.

If you’ve got 5 years (or more) real world experience… and you keep yourself on the cutting edge of academic changes… then you are an expert!

You are so good they can’t ignore you.


That’s just the first third of the business success formula. You see, to succeed in business you need 3 things:

  1. Can you make it
  2. Can you sell it
  3. Can you count the money


The good news is that you don’t need to do all 3 of these things. That’s why companies have people with different skill sets, right?

If you’re going to start a business on your own then you must have the first 2 skills. You MUST be able to make it. This rule is true for a physical product as well as a service.

And you MUST be able to sell it. If not your name will be carved on a stone in the marketing-graveyard. The unfortunate reality is that the marketing-graveyard is filled with superior products made my entrepreneurs that could not make the sale.

There is a simple 5-step process to sell a product or service and if you’re interested you should download a copy of my ebook: How To Turn Expertise Into Cash.

I hope you’ve found this useful and that you can now see the areas of your life where you are an expert.

If this can help someone you know then please share it with them.

Carpe diem

Roland Eva


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About The Author

Roland Eva is a copywriter and marketing trainer, mentor and consultant.

For the last 5 years, Roland has helped authors, coaches, mentors and trainers in the property and business opportunity markets to fill seminars and sell high-end programs ranging from £1,000 to £6,000. Many campaigns have made over £500,000 in just 9 days. Roland has done this through what he calls value first marketing. Value first marketing builds trust by giving upfront value, before giving your community the opportunity to work with you further.

Roland’s marketing journey began when he lost his first business, a photography and graphic design studio. The pain of watching his business die slowly motivated him to discover a proven system to find your perfect prospect, earn their trust through value first marketing and persuade them to buy, by telling true stories that inspire people to change their life.

Today Roland’s mission is to prevent every business owner from suffering through the same pain as he did. Roland wants to take them on the ecstatic ride that comes with having a proven system to turn leads into customers and expertise into cash.

As a consultant, Roland works on a no win, no fee basis so you don’t risk a penny. As he says this makes the cash register ring or it’s free, simple as that!

To contact Roland please email him on: Roland@RolandEva.co.uk

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