How To Write With The Addictive Power Of Cocaine!


If you want your reader to take a specific action, such as read an email, click the link to read your blog post, watch your video, register for a webinar or buy your product, then you’ve got to write with the addictive power of Cocaine!



What do I mean by that?

You’ve got to write in a way that triggers a Dopamine dump in your reader's brain.

If like me, you are not a neuroscientist, then please let me explain what Dopamine is and why it holds the key to wealth and riches.

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that triggers desire and motivation for a specific reward. Dopamine is a survival chemical that makes wanting a specific reward more desirable than actually achieving it.

Have you ever wanted a luxury item so badly that it seemed to consume your thoughts for months? Then when you got it, you felt a little disappointed.

If so then you have experienced first-hand the addictive power of Dopamine. You see Dopamine is the desire and motivation chemical. That’s what keeps you working longer and harder to achieve a specific goal. Dopamine is what causes you to practice and learn new skills so you can grow your business, get the job promotion or win the hand of the most beautiful girl you’ve seen.

So you could think of Dopamine as the natural form of Cocaine. The strange reality is that the chemical structure of Cocaine is similar to Dopamine (or so I’ve read, I’m not a biochemist so please don’t ask me to prove this!).

So, Dopamine is the pleasure-seeking chemical that triggers desire and motivation. It's the chemical that triggers action!

It is NOT the pleasure chemical of actually getting your reward. It is much more powerful than that. As we’ve already seen, the thrill of the chase is often greater than winning the prize.

Dopamine has been critical to our evolutionary survival. Here’s why…


Desire & Motivation & Evolutionary Survival

Dopamine is the chemical that triggers Desire and Motivation. You could think of it as the Action chemical.

In our hunter-gather days, it was Dopamine that was responsible for our patience and determination to hunt. If you only eat what you kill, then there's a strong survival need to get excited by the chase. There’s a strong survival need to stay out there and not give up no matter how tired you are or how much you want to quit.

If the thrill of the chase is stronger than the reward, then you won’t get fat and lazy. You’ll eat and then jump up and start hunting again. That’s Dopamine in action. It keeps us wanting more even when we have plenty.

So how can use this insight to help you grow your business?

Dopamine triggers desire, motivation, and action so what do you want your customers to do?

  1. Read your emails
  2. Read your blogs
  3. Attend your webinars
  4. Buy your products


Before you start thinking that these secrets are black magic and evil… let me say that they are like a surgeon's scalpel. You can use this natural reaction to help more customers, or you can use it to manipulate your customers.

If you have a product or service that can help people, then it is your ethical responsibility to do everything in your power to put your product in their hands! After all, you are giving them a better life, right? So it is your ethical and moral responsibility to learn how to give your customers a line of Cocaine. How to write in a way that gives your reader a Dopamine dump.


What Triggers A Dopamine Dump?

The promise of a big reward!

Just imagine you’ve been out for days hunting and you’ve found nothing. Then someone tells you that they have seen Buffalo just beyond the next hill. Are you going to climb the hill with a new sense of purpose?


There is no guarantee of success. Just the promise of a reward. Still, that’s enough to have you excitedly climbing the hill.

So how can you write in a way that triggers a Dopamine dump for your reader?

You’ve got to promise a big reward. You’ve also got to say it in a very simple way.

You’ve got to make your promise in a way that a 5-year old could understand. You see, Dopamine is triggered when the primitive part of our brain (what I call the immediate gratification brain) gets excited.

If you promise a big reward in a way that makes some think, then you’ve lost. A Dopamine dump is an uncontrollable reaction. Something primal.

If the logical, conscious or thinking part of your brain is involved then there’s nothing primal, right?

No primal reaction, no Dopamine dump.

So if I ask you if your husband or wife is pretty? It’s a simple, Yes or No answer, right? Hopefully a simple Yes.

Similarly, if I ask you if you love your husband or wife, it's a simple Yes or No answer. Again hopefully a simple Yes.


If I ask you why you love your husband or wife, then you have to think about the answer.

If I ask you if you love your husband or wife, you may have immediately thought Yes, and then thought of when you first met, or another happy memory.

But when I ask you why you love your husband or wife, then the happy memories disappear. They are replaced with trying to justify your love.

Do you see how the words that you use can completely change how your customers feel?

Do you see how easily you can fall into the trap of involving the conscious mind?

So, how can you write in a way that triggers a Dopamine dump?

You’ve got to promise a big reward in an immediate way that removes any obvious barriers or objections.

I have to confess, that's a weak explanation. Here’s an example to illustrate what I mean.

How to make £1,000 monthly profit from houses you don’t own

How does that sentence make you feel?

Do you think, Yes I want that! Or are you thinking I’m curious to learn more!

Either way I’ve won. I’ve done more than just grab your attention. I’ve made you excited to learn more. To open the email with the motivation to take the next step.

So let's break that sentence down so you can see why these 11 words are so powerful.

How to make £1,000 monthly profit is going to get most people's attention. But if you leave it like that, there are too many loose ends for the promise to trigger a feeling of immediate gratification.

How to make £1,000 monthly profit immediately makes me think from what, or by doing what. I've started thinking, so there's no Dopamine dump.

The addition of from houses you don’t own, lets you know that it’s from property. It also overcomes the idea that you need a lot of money to invest in property because you know that you don’t need to buy a house.

Many people that I speak to, believe that property is the instant way to make a fortune even though they have no experience of property investing. So, How to make £1,000 monthly profit sounds achievable. The addition of from houses you don’t own removes objections such as I don’t have the money to buy a house.

From houses you don’t own also carries some intrigue because it forces you to ask is that really possible, or how could I do that?


So what other objections or questions are not answered in this sentence?

  • How long does it take to make money?
  • How many hours do I need to work a week?
  • Do I need any previous property experience to get started?


So what happens when you address some of these objections in the sentence?

How to make £1,000 monthly profit from houses you won’t own… within 60 days… working just 1 day a week… without any previous property experience!

You know that thinking prevents the Dopamine dump. By trying to remove all the possible objections, we've made our sentence complicated, and that makes it less emotional and less compelling.

Just remember that less is more. You want to give your reader just enough to make what you have sound interesting. Not in a way that's trying to trick them. In a move that grabs their emotional joy buzzer, (the immediate gratification part of their brand) and makes them excited to learn more.

Don’t forget that the entrepreneurial graveyard is filled with superior products made by entrepreneurs that could not make the sale!

To make the sale, you've got to make your ideal customer excited to learn more or buy your product.

There’s a time and a place to tell him all the details before they make a purchase. And that time is after you have grabbed their excited attention.


The Proven Formula For Simplifying Your Offers! 

To appeal to the immediate gratification brain you've got to simplify your offer. You need one power-packed statement that makes people say I want that!

Here's a proven formula to do that:

[Desire Benefit] without [Biggest Objection]


What does your community want more than anything else?

It could be being your own boss, working from home and choosing the hours you work.

It could be passive income from property. It could be financial freedom from property.

It could be finding the love of your life or getting down to your ideal weight.

People buy what they want, not what they need, so it’s critical that you know what your community wants and can describe that in language that they can see, hear and touch.

Language that you can see is drop a dress size a week.

Language that you can hear is your friends will ask jealously, how you lost the weight so fast.

Language you can touch is get back into your old jeans one month from today.

If you know what your community wants and you can describe it in visual language, then you've got half of the equation.

What’s the other half? Their biggest objection!

If we stick with the weight loss example what are the immediate objections. The unconscious ones?

Starving & Sweating

We all know that the secret to weight loss is to move more and eat less, so we are only going to be interested in a secret that lets us lose weight quickly without starving or spending hours in the gym.

If you're anything like me, you like to exercise, and the time demands from work and family squeeze the gym out of your priorities. So it's not lack of desire that stops you from working out. It's a lack of priorities or values.

So, if we can get the result we want, without the thing that is currently preventing us from achieving our goals, then we enjoy a Dopamine dump.

So how can we say all of that in a sentence that is going to trigger a Dopamine dump?

How to drop a dress size in a week, eating Big Mac’s and French Fries.


How to drop a dress size in a week, without sweating or starving

It goes without saying that you would only write these things if they are true. If your weight loss secret is eating only boiled chicken, boiled brown rice and salad with no dressing and going to the gym for a minimum of 2 hours a day then don’t advertise that you can eat Big Mac’s and still lose weight.

You don’t trigger a Dopamine dump to trick your customers. You trigger a Dopamine reaction by presenting your offer in the best possible light, so you can help more people.


Formula To Trigger A Dopamine Dump

So far the only examples of sentences or statements that trigger Dopamine dumps have been How To.

I don’t want you to think that is the only formula you can use. Here are some other proven ways.


How to [desire benefit] without [biggest objection]

3 simple steps to [desire benefit]

3 simple steps to [desire benefit] in [specific timeframe]


3 simple steps to [desire benefit]

3 Simple Steps to a specific result is a formula that has worked time and again for lead magnet titles, blog post headlines, webinar names and email subject lines.

As a copywriter, it is easy to get bored by writing in the way and to “get clever” by avoiding this. Do not do this! Your job is to persuade your reader to act… it is not to win copywriting awards.

Just as a side note, the only person that I want to win a copywriting award from is the customer! And customers give or remove awards with their hard earned cash!

What am I trying to say? John Carlton, my copywriting hero and mentor, calls it Gun to the head writing.

What John means by that is, when you are writing with a gun to your head you use proven formulas. You don’t try to get cute or to be smart. Yes, you put in personality and swagger but stick to what you know works.


3 simple steps to [desire benefit] in [specific timeframe]

This is another proven formula that is worth a few examples.

4 simple steps to make £5,000 per month within 60-days by trading deals

It doesn’t matter if you don’t know what trading property deals means because the promise of £5,000 a month profit with 2 months is so strong.

The words, Trading Deals, are also an intrigue hook that forces to you learn more.

What about a marketing example?

The simple 5-step formula to make £672,989 in just 9 days!

How does that sentence make you feel?

Are you thinking please give me the 5-step formula? Or are you thinking prove it!

Either way, you’ve given me 5 minutes of your excited attention.


Now It’s Your Turn

If you start giving your readers a line of Cocaine in your email subject lines, webinar titles and sales page headlines then you can instantly increase your sales.


Because you are presenting your offer in the best possible light.

You are making your reader excited and motivated to learn more and take the next action.

Remember: Dopamine triggers desire and motivation and action.

To start using these secrets tomorrow, you need the following:

  1. To know what your community wants
  2. To describe that want in visual language
  3. To identify your communities biggest objection
  4. To
  5. To describe the speed to achieve the specific result


Those are the Lego blocks that you need to start using these secrets to give your community a line of Cocaine.

Please start writing in a way that gives your customer a line of Cocaine and let me know how you get on in the comments below or drop me an email.

If this blog can help someone you know, then please share this with them.

Until next time…

Carpe diem

Roland Eva


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