How Often Do You Want To Get Paid?


How often do you want to get paid?

If you’re anything like me the answer to that question is simple… every day!

The beauty of being an entrepreneur is that you’re the master of your own destiny.


What are you doing to get paid every day?

If you’re anything like me, then the answer is… not enough.

What if you’re not as greedy as me and you want to get paid once a month?

The question is the same… what are you doing to get paid every month?

You see, for most business owners the answer is not enough.

So… what can you do to enjoy a regular monthly cash flow?

That’s exactly what you’ll learn in this blog.



Where Is Your Next Sale Coming From?

If you want to relax with the security of knowing where your next sale is coming from, then you need to build an email database.

You then need to transform that email database into a community of raving fans.

What’s the difference?

An email database contains information. A community contains people that share their hopes and dreams. People that want your help to achieve their goals faster than they can on their own.

So the first step to making a regular monthly cash flow is to build a community of raving fans.

The second step is to make your community feel good about buying.

There’s a careful balancing act that needs to take place when it comes to earning the trust of your community and making them feel good about buying.

You need to give your community value (free information that is so good that you could easily charge for it) to earn their trust.


You also need to motivate your community to take action and invest in your products and services.

If all you do is give free information, then you teach your community that they do not need to pay for your help.

If all you do is sell, then you teach your community to leave.

So how do you get the balance right?

How do you give enough free content to earn the trust of your community without giving so much away that they don’t want to buy your products or services?

And how do you make sure you don’t fall into the trap of selling all the time?

The answer lies in…


Product Launches

Product Launches force you to give great value to your community… strengthen the relationship with inspirational stories… and give you the perfect opportunity to make your community feel good about buying.

Let’s back up a step.

What is a Product Launch?

A product launch is a marketing campaign or a promotional campaign to sell a product or a service.

I’ve used Product Launches to sell products and services that range in price from £5 to £12,000.

A product launch is also the most powerful way to make your community feel good about buying that I have ever used!

Why do product launches work so well?

Because they give value… tell stories… and make an irresistible offer!

The value content in a product launch is very different to a blog post, Facebook Live, podcast or any other ongoing value creation activity because…


Value Content With A Purpose

The product launches that I run start with 4 videos.

The videos are all focused around solving one specific problem. A problem such as how do you get paid every week? Or how can I drive footfall into my shop or restaurant? Or how can I stand out in a crowded market?

The problem that each video gives a solution for is the same problem that the product you want to sell solves.

Let me give you an example.

Imagine you run a property training company, and you teach people how to buy houses and rent them out by the room, what is known as an HMO.

What does your course teach people to do?

Create lasting wealth through property. Specifically with HMOs.


How do you start building an HMO property portfolio?

First, you need to know what houses to buy. The houses that will give you the greatest profit and cash flow.

Second, you need to know how to finance the purchase of the property. This could be with a mortgage and a deposit from your savings… or it could be funded by another investor!

Third, you need to know the safety features you must install to legally rent your property by the room.

Fourth, you need to know how to license your property… and how to get the council on your side so the process happens quickly.

Fifth, you need to know how to fill your property with tenants.

Sixth, you need to know how to manage your property portfolio with virtually none of your time.

Can you see how you could easily create 4 videos that solve a specific problem… and get your community excited to learn more about your system!

In the example above, that could be how to buy multiple houses with one deposit, or how to become financially free with 5 properties.

Each of the 4 videos in the sequence shows you one step in the process of becoming financially free with 5 properties.

Each video earns the trust of your community because of its’ value.

Each video gets your community excited about working with you further because they want to be financially free… and they understand exactly how you can help them achieve that.

So… the content in each video must be really good. It must give your audience an Aha.

The truth is, the more value you give in your free content, the more trust you will earn… and you can't make the sale without first earning the trust of your community!

I’ve got an online course, that I’ve previously delivered as a live workshop, that has 30 hours of content!

So… I can give away good information in the value part of the sequence and still barely touch the surface of what’s in the course.

So don’t be afraid to give great information in your value sequence. You just need to make sure that your value sequence gets your audience excited about the problem your product solves.

In this way, your value content smooths the road for your sales sequence.


Promotional Storytelling

Every email that you send should strengthen your relationship with your community. Even the emails where you ask people to take an action.

It’s easy to divide promotional activity into 2 distinct camps:

  1. Value
  2. Sales


The truth is that every email must give value and ask the reader to do something. The action could be as simple as to read a blog post or watch a video that will help them achieve their goals.

The action could be to attend a webinar or online training.

The action could be to buy a product or service.


Before you ask someone to take an action, you’ve got to make them see what’s in it for them, or they won’t do anything.

If the reader doesn’t see how it will help them, then they won’t take the action you want.

If you are asking people to give up their time or money, then you’ve got to give them a really good reason why they should do this. You’ve also got to tell them why they should trust you.

If you’re thinking, isn’t that what the value sequence was for, you are absolutely right.


Don’t think that everyone (or anyone) is going to read every email you write. Don’t think that everyone will watch all of your videos. Don’t even think that your videos will be watched in order.

Most importantly, don’t think that your community will remember the story that you told a month ago.

This is the trap that most entrepreneurs fall into (even some of the really successful ones).

The trap is to think that because you told the story of how you created your product or service 3 months ago, that your community will remember it.

Firstly, not all of your community will have heard you tell your story.

Secondly, unless you are talking to your kids, they won’t remember it.


Because you are not the most important person in their lives.

So you’ve got to tell your stories as part of every promotion.

I'm sure you've got more than one story, so you don't have to tell only one.


The story that explains how you created your system MUST be told at least once (if not more) as part of every promotional campaign that you do!

The other stories that you tell as part of a promotional campaign, strengthen your relationship with your community. They share something else that your community does not know about you. Your stories build trust in a new way. And trust is the foundation for the sale.

So tell your inspirational personal stories in your emails before asking the reader to register for a webinar or to buy your product or service.

Tell your customers’ success stories in your emails before asking your reader to buy your product or service.

The stories you tell will give value and develop the relationship with your community even though you are in a promotional campaign.


Anatomy Of A Product Launch

A Product Launch is a 4-week sequence that combines:

  1. Value content
  2. Webinars
  3. Sales page
  4. Testimonials
  5. Deadline


There are 2 webinars a week apart. The webinars are a personal way to build trust and make your community feel good about buying by telling your inspirational personal story, revealing how your system works, and making an irresistible offer.

The sales page is another sales vehicle. This is a 3,500 word to 10,000 word letter that tells your story, shares some testimonials and makes an irresistible offer.

I’ve never found anyone that admits to reading sales pages, yet in every launch I have ever done, across multiple industries… the sale page has made 50% to 90% of the launch sales!

So… getting a high performing sales page is the key to your success.

Finally, a launch shares customer success stories in multiple places: in the webinar, on the sales page and on their own as inspirational stories.

The final element of a launch is a deadline. The promotion is only available for 2 weeks, and this forces people to make a decision within that timeframe.

What makes Product Launches so powerful?

The combination of value content, inspirational personal stories, and an irresistible offer.

This is the perfect mix of content and promotional activity.



Do You Need To Launch Every Month?

If you want to get paid every month, then running a launch for a product or service is one way of doing it.


You can’t sell the same product every month!

That would be crazy.

You would become a stuck record, and it would drive your community insane.

Monthly launches only work if you've got 6 to 12 products and services that you can sell.

If you’ve only got 1 or 2 products then what can you do?


Create A Subscription Program

If you want to get paid every month, without having to sell every month, then you need to create a subscription program.

This takes the stress out of doing business.

A subscription program enables you to do a launch once or twice a year and then focus on delivery the rest of the time.

A subscription program could be monthly mentorship.

A subscription program could be consulting for the next 3 or 6 or 12 months.

A subscription program could be access to a monthly newsletter or access to a membership site.

A subscription program could be unlimited car washes every month.

A subscription program could give you a free glass of wine when you eat at the restaurant.

A subscription program could give you regular health treatments.

A subscription program could give you a new razor every month, or 2 T-Shirts a month.

Can you see how you could create a subscription program for your business?

In an ideal world, the income from the subscription program covers all your costs and pays you a regular salary. This means the monthly promotional activity is simply icing on the cake.

How do you get to that stage?


By focusing on what you want, you will attract it into your life. By focusing on what you want, you will start to see new and creative ways to achieve your goals. By focusing on what you want, you’ll take the action necessary to build your dream business.


Now It’s Your Turn

How many pay days have you got planned for the rest of the year?

If the answer is not as many as you would like then force yourself to do something by the end of April. That gives you 7 weeks to plan and implement your idea.

Don’t overthink your idea. Don’t try to make the campaign perfect.

Get it out there. Get some feedback from your community and then decide what your next action should be.

Forcing yourself to take action quickly will open your eyes to what you are capable of when you get out of your own way.

If you've found this useful, then please leave a comment below.

If you know a business owner or service provider that is great at what they do and struggles to make a living, then please share this post with them.

Until next time…

Carpe diem

Roland Eva


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About The Author

I’m a copywriter and business growth trainer, mentor and consultant.

For the last 5 years, I’ve helped authors, coaches, mentors, consultants, software developer and health professionals to sell products and services in industries as diverse as property, technology, finance, personal development, business opportunity, weight loss, and alternative health.

These products and services have ranged in price from £5 to £12,000. My most successful campaign made £672,989 in just 9 days. I took that result and transformed it into a simple repeatable system. A system that I teach to ambitious entrepreneurs that want to make money on demand without a sales team.

Why do I want to help other business owners? Because my marketing journey began when I lost my first business, a photography and graphic design studio. The pain of watching my business slowly die, and being powerless to do anything about it, motivated me to discover how promotional messages can make money on demand without a sales team.

Today my mission is to prevent every business owner from suffering through the same pain as I did. I’d like to take entrepreneurs on the joy ride that comes with having a proven system to make money on demand and to relax with the security of knowing where your next sale is coming from.

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