Can You Sell A £42,500 Service Online?



Can you make people buy 3 or more of them?

In May I set myself a big challenge. Selling a £42,500 consulting service online.


Trying to sell between 2 and 10 to each person that bought.

In other words... I didn't think that selling a £42,500 service online was hard enough!

So I future paced how good the prospects life would be with a £125,000 investment.

What were we trying to sell?

A consulting service in the make money niche.

It's something that I thought would sell well because it's the ultimate make money with none of your time promise.

A promise that guarantees you get life-changing results.

And the current market conditions create urgency for the service.

So, it should have been a piece of cake, right?

I knew it wasn't going to be easy. And I could see a powerful persuasive argument in my mind. The big question was... would people hand over that amount of money online... and would the brighter future story with 3 investments make them buy more?


Who were we trying to sell this to?

The primary target for the offer was the client's list. So there was already some trust there to help the sale.

We also wanted to sell to cold Facebook traffic. So the offer had to build trust as well as present an irresistible offer.


The Curve Ball Pitch

This offer was going out to people that had tried to use this wealth strategy themselves. And to persuade them that they would get better results, faster, by letting someone else do it for them.

These are people that believe this wealth strategy can transform the quality of their life. These are people that have paid for education.

And... between work and family and fun... they have not made the progress they want.

So one of the emotional hooks that I used was "Stop beating yourself up over your pedestrian progress."

Let's face it, if hard-working people are going to invest thousands of pounds in education. They want a return on their money. They want to prove the doubters wrong in their life. They want to say "I told you so!" to all the people that told them to accept a life of quiet desperation.

Yet, that's not what happened.

So a big part of the presentation is helping them to throw rocks at their enemies.

It's giving them a guaranteed way to get the result that they want... without giving up time with their family and friends.

So I understood the customer and their emotional drivers and how this consulting service would help them throw rocks at their enemies.


How was I going to move the prospect from "I'm going to do this myself" to "It's better to let someone do this for me."

For a sale of this magnitude, I turned to a system that has worked again and again over the last 5 years.

This was the biggest sale amount by a huge margin. And I wanted to test the limits of my simple system.


What's the system?

It's the Product Launch system that combines Upfront Value, Storytelling, Social Proof and an Irresistible Offer.

Here's a visual overview of my simple system...



I've used this system to sell products, workshops and online courses ranging in price from £5 to £12,000.



Would This System Work To Sell A £42,500 Consulting Service?

The short answer is Yes!

This system made sales to 48 people in 21 days.


The average number of sales for each person was 2.

So the average sale amount was £85,000!

This system made sales to both Facebook traffic and the client's list.

So it converted cold traffic even for an offer at such a high price.

That's the overview of the campaign. The thin veneer of the story that looks like a stunning success.

Like everything in life, once you scratch beneath the surface there are always shocking stats and things to improve next time.


Shocking stats

A big part of every sale is earning trust. And with such a high price point I knew there had to be overwhelming social proof.

I had seen American marketeers have a social proof page with dozens of written and video testimonials.

I'd always wanted to create one and I knew that this was the perfect opportunity to test this campaign element.

The shocking truth is that most people did NOT click through to the social proof page.

They clicked through to the sales page. They registered for the webinars. They attended the webinars with much higher numbers than I expected - 53%. In other words, they clicked through to the pages that teased a big benefit.

They did not click through to the page with a stated reason why.

They were not interested in seeing other hard-working people that changed their life with this service.

Yes, there was social proof on the sales page and in the webinar. So maybe a social proof page was just overkill.

Maybe the people that clicked through to the social proof page were the people that bought. I'll need to do some more report digging to answer that question.

And the shocking truth is that most people do not need or want to see a page of testimonials.


What I will change next time

The beauty of a webinar is that you can answer questions that are not in your presentation.

To make prospects see why they should buy more than one of this service. The webinar presentation and sales page showed prospects what would happen if they bought 3. It showed them the new choices they could make and the legacy that they could leave for their kids and grandkids.

It was a powerful argument and great future pacing. The problem is that to get started with three of this service is a £125,000 investment.

The most asked question on the webinar was "Will this work with one?"

That question was answered on the webinar and the webinar made sales. In fact, the webinar made 98% of the campaign sales.

The long copy sales page, that normally makes between 50% and 90% of campaign sales. With this campaign made ZERO!

Why did it fail?

Because it didn't answer the Will this work with one question.

With a sales page, the reader cannot ask questions. So the copy must answer every question on the prospect's mind. If it does then it is the most powerful sales vehicle I've ever used. If it doesn't then it's only a piece of entertainment.

A lot of people read the sales page. The reports showed that a lot of people read the sales page 2 or 3 times. Yet it made ZERO sales!

And this is where every aspect of this campaign supports every other moving part.

You see, I'm sure that the sales page built trust and made the prospect say "I want that".

But it didn't move them past their sales resistance and force them to get their wallet.

And it might have made prospects register for the webinars so they could ask questions.

The bottom line for this campaign is that it was a huge success.

It didn't follow the "normal" sales arc.

And where the sales come from doesn't matter. The only thing that matters at the end of the day is if we smashed our target. This campaign did that.

Yes, there are important takeaways from it. There are areas to improve next time. And that's true of every campaign.


Moral Of The Story

The 21-day campaign that combines Upfront Value, Storytelling, Social Proof and an Irresistible Offer works for...

  • Selling products
  • Filling discovery events
  • Selling high-ticket workshops
  • Selling high-ticket online courses
  • Selling mentorship programs
  • Selling consulting services


It works for selling at any price point. I've used this to sell products for £5 and consulting services for £42,500!


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