The simple way I turned a £161,000 launch into a £350,000 evergreen campaign

I like to share with you the most important selling online and growing an email database at a profit lessons I learned in the chaos of 2020… so they can help you in 2021.

So let’s dive into…


Lesson #1 – News grabs more attention than greed

Since January 2015 I’ve used product launches to sell products, workshops and mentorship programs online. Just to be clear, when I say product launch a mean a 23-day campaign that combines upfront value, storytelling, social proof and an irresistible offer to make sales.


A product launch has a set structure. A structure that I’ve never changed because it has consistently turned an email database into a 6-figure sales success.

In other words, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

There’s one type of story I’ve consistently used to earn people’s trust and inspire them to change their life…

A rags to riches story.

Every trainer and mentor has a rags to riches story because they all started small with fear and doubts. They got an idea, then ran into some problems, struggled to overcome them, before achieving a stunning result.

This type of story inspires prospects to change their life. Buyers use this type of story to defend their decision from the doubters in their life.

The beauty of a rags to riches story is that they have universal appeal… can easily be told in 160 characters for a headline… and they make a huge greed claim believable.

In fact, the most powerful rags to riches story I've ever told was the 40-year-old teacher that started building a property portfolio with credit cards!

What makes this story so powerful is the audience sees themselves in the guru, being 40 years old and wanting more from life and knowing that they aren’t going to get it from their job.

So a product launch and a rags to riches story were the foundations of a 6-figure product launch…

Until this year!

This year I tested a new angle to grab people’s attention and give them a reason why they must buy now. This new angle has proved to be 4 times more profitable!

It doesn’t take a psychologist to see the chaos of 2020 and know that the people are your email database are confused and fearful about the future. So what they want most is someone to find the opportunity in the chaos.

This is really just entering the conversation in the prospect's mind.

This is why something as simple as "Why house prices will crash in October" will get 5 times the email open rates and click-through rates than any other appeal.

So news is the hook that grabs the prospect's attention. A prediction creates urgency for why they must buy your online course right now. Solid logic and undeniable social proof are needed to make them believe your prediction.

What do I mean by solid logic? I mean you’ve got to make prospects believe your prediction. And that’s not an easy thing to do. After all, gamblers make predictions and lose. So why should people believe you?

The reason why they should believe you are the undeniable facts that you use as the foundation of your prediction. When you present the facts from a media source that they know and trust you get them nodding in agreement. Then you use the facts to prove what is going to happen. Your prediction is then a small step to say these 3 things are going to happen and that creates the specific opportunity that you’re writing about. An opportunity that no one else has seen!

When you make a prediction you create huge amounts of trust with your audience because you aren’t selling anything. You are presenting some facts and showing people what they mean.

You then identify an opportunity in the chaos. That’s going to position you as an expert.

Once you have made your prediction, you can show how your system allows prospects to seize this opportunity safely. This gives you the chance to explain how you discovered your system (tell your rags to riches story) and show them why it will work better in the coming lucrative opportunity window.

That’s the news and prediction system that I’ve used this year to double the sales of a launch and create an evergreen campaign that makes 6-figures a month… and has pulled in over 17,000 new leads, at a profit, since April.


Lesson #2 – You can make Facebook ads pay in only 3 days

As I’ve already said, a product launch has a rigid structure and I’ve never changed it… until now!

Changing the structure turned a £161,000 launch into a £350,000 evergreen campaign that also grows the client's list by 3,000 new leads a month! Here’s how…

In March, I put together my first prediction launch. I recorded the pre-launch videos just before lockdown. So I could see the dark clouds in the sky and knew a storm was coming.

The launch was all about the coming storm and the opportunities that it created for the informed property investor.

Then it showed the safe way to seize these opportunities. The prediction message was a great success because the launch made £161,000 in the 23-day campaign.

In April, a lot of big Facebook advertisers pulled their ads so prices plummeted. This gave small advertisers a chance to test some new ideas. A chance that my client seized.

We took the launch and ran Facebook traffic to it. Rather than trying to put cold leads through the entire 23-day campaign. We used Facebook ads to fill the webinar and the final 3 days of the launch sequence to make some additional sales.

So we cut out the upfront value from the campaign. We made the campaign 4 days rather than 23 and we used a webinar and sales page to make sales.

It was a test. A test that was easier to do because Facebook ads were cheaper than they had been in years.

Running the Facebook ads immediately showed that the prediction struck a nerve because we were getting webinar registrants for less than £2!

I know that Facebook ads were cheaper at that time and I never thought we would get webinar registrations that cheap.

The second thing that proved the prediction struck a nerve was the number of people that registered for the webinars. We ran ads for 2 days and easily got 600 or 700 people to register.

What happened next is the holy grail of internet marketing…!

You see, we used Facebook ads to fill a webinar. We used a pre-recorded webinar and a sales page to make sales with none of our time!

To my great surprise, a pre-recorded webinar converted at 4% for the next 5 months!

That's the same response as we got from the database! So a pre-recorded webinar to cold traffic converted at the same rate as a live webinar to warm traffic. I have to confess that if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes, I would never have believed that story!

So we’ve got this automated way to make money that’s working like crazy.

But… The prediction that we made in April was out of date in July. Even so, it still converted at 3%! So, it was time to change the promotion. This time I created a presentation that would be evergreen for years.

The new launch made 6-figures to the database so we had proof that it was a high converting sales message.

What happened when we used the new “evergreen” message on Facebook?

In less than a month we were at break even. So the new message without the urgency of a timely window of opportunity did not sell as well.

What’s the moral of the story?

Put news and a prediction in your value content and in your sales messages and they will convert better to your database and cold traffic.

When you put news and a prediction in your sales messages. You can turn a product launch into an evergreen campaign. An evergreen campaign that puts £6 in your pocket for every £1 you spend on Facebook ads. At least that’s what we’ve been getting from April to August!


Lesson #3 – You can sell a £43,000 service (profitably) with Facebook ads

If you’re anything like me, you still don’t believe that a pre-recorded webinar can convert Facebook traffic at 4% for 4 months.

Or… You think this is a unicorn example. A killer campaign that we haven’t been able to repeat.

The truth is that not only have we been able to repeat the same level of success. We’ve even been able to sell a £43,000 service using the exact same system!

Now, my faith in product launches is unwavering because it has given me consistent results for the last 5 years.

Since I ran a product launch that made £672,989 I didn’t think there was anything that could surprise me.

So when my client asked if we could sell a £43,000 service with a product launch I said, “Absolutely!”

And then thought to myself, “I hope.” Why did doubt creep into my mind?

Because it’s one thing to sell a workshop or online course for £1,000 or £2,000. It’s another to sell a mentorship program for £12,000. And it’s a huge step up to sell a service for £43,000!

At least that’s what I thought. So what did I do? 

I put together a product launch in exactly the same way as I have for the last 5 years. I used news and a prediction to create urgency for taking action right now.

Then I watched the money roll in!

(It wasn’t quite as simple as that and I’m sure you get the point). I didn’t change the system because we were selling a much higher priced item.

Once we knew we had a winning sales message we turned the launch into an evergreen campaign in exactly the same way as the others!

We ran Facebook ads to fill a webinar for 2 days. We ran a pre-recorded webinar and a 3-day sales sequence that sent people to a long copy sales page.

The evergreen campaigns turn a £161,000 launch into a £350,000 campaign. They put an additional 9,000 new leads into the client's email database… at a profit… every 90 days!


How you can do the same?

You need a product launch. This turns your email database into 6-figures in sales.

Once you know you’ve got a winning sales message. You’ve got all the assets you need for an evergreen campaign that can run for 4-months or more… and give you 9,000 new leads every 90-days… at a profit!

Now, I’m not going to lie. It’s a lot of work to put together a product launch. In fact, there are 228 different assets that you need (not including the individual pictures and graphics needed for each webinar slide!).

That’s a lot of copy to write. A lot of videos to edit. A lot of ebooks, sales pages and webinars to design.

So, do you have a team with the experience, skill and time needed to run a product launch?

Does your team have the capability to turn a winning sales message into an evergreen campaign that grows your list at a profit?

If not, would you like to have a chat about how I can do this for you? If the answer is Yes then please fill out the form below to book a no-obligation video call with me.

The no-obligation call is our chance to get to know each other and to talk through some ideas for your next launch and how we can turn a winning sales message into an evergreen campaign that grows your list at a profit.

Carpe diem

Roland Eva