Who else wants 9476 new leads in 90 days… at a PROFIT



  • A Pre-recorded webinar that makes sales at 4%... to Facebook traffic.

  • A sales page that makes sales for a £2,000 online course at 2%... to cold traffic.

  • An evergreen campaign that doubles the sales of a 6-figure product launch… with none of your time!

I won’t mince my words with you – you can grow your list at a profit and make Facebook Ads put money in your pocket within 7 days, with the proven system that I’m going to share with you today.

It all started back in April 2020, when a client ran a cheap test…

In April 2020, we were stuck in Lockdown and big Facebook advertisers like Coca-Cola had pulled their ads so ad costs fell like a stone. This gave smaller advertisers an incentive to test something new.

At the same time, I was in the middle of a product launch and I was terrified that lockdown and fear about the future would cut the launch sales in half… or worse.

Just to be clear, when I say product launch, I mean a 21-day marketing campaign that combines upfront value, social proof and an irresistible offer to make sales.

Here’s an overview of the product launch structure.


The sales part of the campaign starts with a webinar. That’s when the rubber meets the road and you know if you’ve got a winning sales message.

The first webinar in my April 2020 launch confirmed that the message was right on the money.

Because of the unexpectedly high success of the first webinar, the client ran Facebook ads to help fill the second webinar.

The Facebook ads confirmed that the message struck a nerve with people. You see, we were getting webinar registrations for less than £2!

Yes, Facebook ad costs at that time were half of their normal rate. And getting webinar registrations for less than £5 is a challenge. So less than £2 was unbelievable.

Within 2 days there were over 1,000 people registered for the second webinar. This actually created a problem because a high attendance rate would break the Go To Webinar account limit. Fortunately, Go To Webinar allowed us to increase the account size so everyone could attend.

The second webinar converted at 4% and the launch made £161,000 in sales. Not bad for a client that had never sold an online course before lockdown!


What happened next turned a £161,000 launch into a £350,000 evergreen campaign

As you’ve seen from the graphic above, a launch has a rigid structure. The structure is a proven way to earn people’s trust before making the sale. You could think of this like the rules on the road. The rules help you reach your destination safely.

The same is true with a product launch. Which is why I’ve always played within the rules. I’ve been as creative as possible without breaking the rules.

In other words, I’ve driven as fast as possible on the correct side of the road. And I’ve always stopped at a red light.

Following the rules has kept me and my clients safe. The rules have delivered consistent results since I first learned them back in January 2015.

So when the client changed the rules for a cheap test. I was worried.

Rather than getting leads on Facebook and then lead them through a 21-day campaign. The client filled a webinar with Facebook ads and used the final part of the launch sequence to get additional sales with the sales page.

The beauty of shortening the campaign is…


You can make Facebook advertising pay in 7 days or less

The advantage of shortening the campaign is you get a return on your money within 3 days. You can easily see if the campaign is working. And you can make decisions much faster than waiting 21 days.

The downside is you don’t give cold traffic a value sequence.

The beauty of a cheap test is rather than debating the pros and cons… you let read world feedback prove what works.

So, we ran Facebook ads to fill a pre-recorded webinar. A webinar that converted at 4% to the email database. But what would the conversion be for the pre-record?

My mouth dropped to the floor when I saw that a pre-recorded webinar converted at the same rate as a live webinar. I also couldn’t believe that cold Facebook traffic converted at the same rate as an email database.

Was this beginners luck?

No! This evergreen campaign ran for the next 6 months and pulled in 17,187 new leads at a profit!

To begin with, every pound we spent on Facebook advertising gave us £12 back with a pre-recorded webinar and a sales page.

This amazing return on ad spend didn’t last forever as Facebook costs started to increase.


Even with rising ad costs, this campaign has still paid £6 or more, for every pound spent on Facebook ads! And we’ve been running the campaign since April!

As you can see from this Infusionsoft screenshot, the client has got 9,476 new leads in the last 90 days.

So, was this campaign a unicorn success that we can’t repeat?

No! We’ve taken this winning formula and used it with 3 different launches.

We’ve even used it for a service that needs a £40,000 investment! I never believed a pre-recorded webinar would sell a £2,000 online course… let alone a £40,000 service.

And in each case, I’ve been proven wrong. We’ve taken a proven sales message and doubled the sales success of the launch with an evergreen campaign that’s fueled by Facebook ads.

Here’s what makes this…


The low-risk way to win paying customers

The beauty of this system is that we run a product launch to the client's email database. This proves that we've got a high converting sales message.

Then we use the same launch assets to turn a one-time-only message into an evergreen campaign that can run for months.

The evergreen campaign needs none of the client’s time because we use a pre-recorded webinar and a sales page to make sales. 

The Facebook ads start no earlier than 48 hours before the webinar. This makes the evergreen campaign low risk because if the webinar registration costs start to shoot up, we just change the copy.

If the webinar is not full to the level you would want for a live webinar. That’s not a problem because it goes to a pre-recorded webinar. So this saves both your time and your money.  

And… if the webinar conversion starts to decline. We can stop the campaign.

So, how can you scale the campaign like this?

We run 3 webinars a week!

That’s how we can make the most of a winning Facebook ad and a high converting sales message. That’s how we can grow an email database fast… at a profit.


The evergreen campaign making £6 for every £1 spent on Facebook ads

And with a high converting webinar, it takes less than 3 days to make a profit on your ad spend. By the end of the 7-day campaign, the sales page will have pulled in another 30% to 50% in sales.

This evergreen campaign is pulling in high paying customers on-demand and growing the client's email list fast.

You see, the evergreen campaigns only convert about 2% of the people that register for the webinar.

The webinar attendance rates are between 30% and 50% and the webinar converts as high as 4%. The sales page converts as high as 2%. That leaves about 98% of the webinar registrants that haven’t taken immediate action.

That grows the client’s email database for the next launch.

That's the proven way to make Facebook ads put money in your pocket within 3 days and consistently grow your list.

Now, I’m not going to lie. It’s a lot of work to put together a product launch. In fact, there are 228 different assets that you need (not including the individual pictures and graphics needed for each webinar slide!).

That’s a lot of copy to write. A lot of videos to edit. A lot of ebooks, sales pages and webinars to design.

Make no mistake about it. Good design pays. Good design supports your sales message and makes your customers want to read your ebook or sales page and watch your video or webinar.

Good design makes a lasting first impression and earns the customer’s trust on a subconscious level.

So, do you have a team with the experience, skill and time needed to run a product launch?

Does your team have the capability to turn a winning sales message into an evergreen campaign that grows your list at a profit?

If not, would you like to have a chat about how I can do this for you? If the answer is Yes then please fill in the form below to book a no-obligation video call with me.

The no-obligation call is our chance to get to know each other and to talk through some ideas for your next launch and how we can turn a winning sales message into an evergreen campaign that grows your list at a profit.

Until next time...

Carpe diem

Roland Eva