My pulse-pounding path to writing winning copy and explosive product launches that pull in £672,989 in only 9 days 


My name is Roland Eva and for more than 7 years, I’ve been writing direct response copy that generates sales in competitive markets like nutritional supplements, property training and business buying training and mentoring.

In 2020, during the uncertainty of lockdowns and the COVID-19 pandemic, I made a property training company over £1 million in sales. Which not only gave them their best year ever… it gave them a way to thrive through the pandemic. 

You see before I started working with this training company, all their sales came from live events.

I made their switch to online sales easy and highly-profitable by running product launches for their different training and mentorship programs. 

I write every word of copy for each product launch, including: emails, Facebook ads, sales page, webinars, video scripts, order forms, and upsells. 

I also shot and edited the product launch videos, and designed the webinar presentation and sales page. 

Which means I became the client’s outsourced marketing department. I did everything to make the launch a huge sales success. 

I’ve been running product launches since 20015, when I crafted a launch for an Amazon training course that pulled in £672,989 in only 9 days. 

Today I’m still running product launches for training companies. 

I’ve also written email controls for supplement companies including: Green Valley, Advanced Bionutritionals, V-Shred, and Silver Sparrow. 

Writing high converting copy in competitive markets is not easy and I’ve been fortunate to learn from the best. 

I’ve taken copywriting courses by legends such as: Gary Bencivenga, John Carlton, Kim Krause Schwalm, Roy Furr, and Stefan Georgi.

I am currently on Kim Krause Schwalm’s Fast Track To A-List mentorship program. And I am lucky enough to have Kim’s feedback on my copy every month. So when you work with me, you get my passion, commitment, and dedication to beating the control…

But that’s not all… 

You also get the response boosting feedback from an A-list copywriter who has written controls that beat legends like Jim Rutz and Parris Lampropulous. 

I’m also a member of the Copy Accelerator mastermind so I know what’s working best in different direct response niches right now. 

In other words, I’m always working on my copywriting craft so I can better help my clients boost the response of their marketing and skyrocket their sales.

Before I became a freelance copywriter I was head of marketing for the largest UK property training company. So I have an intimate and deep knowledge of marketing and how to optimise both the front-end and back-end of a business in order to maximise revenue and profitability.