Email Copywriting

Email Copywriting That Bonds Your List To You And Dramatically Increases Your Customer Lifetime Value!


Dear Training Company Owner

As you know, advertising costs are rising across the board.

The days of 20p or even 40p clicks on Facebook ads are long gone.

The days of 50p average clicks on Google have disappeared... no matter how long your list of long-tail keywords.

Persuading people to join your list is getting harder.


It's extremely difficult to make your first sale profitable.


The second sale is the most important.

Sure, the first sale is the hardest to make.

And the second sale is the most important because this is the sale that makes a profit.

So a focus on the second, third, fourth and fifth sales drives profitability.

You already know this.



What Are You Doing To Focus On The Second Sale... And Beyond?

Do you have a funnel in place the lead prospects by the hand from opt-in to first purchase... then second purchase... and beyond?


Do you have an email mix that...

  1. Gives upfront value
  2. Tells inspirational stories
  3. Shares customer success stories
  4. And makes regular offers


When you have an ongoing email campaign that does those 4 things. Then you have a powerful process to strengthen the relationship with your list. To earn the trust of your list. And make the second, third, fourth and fifth sales.


Do you email your list regularly? More than 3 times a week?

How many of your stories do you share?

How many customer success stories do you share?

How much upfront value do you give?


How many offers do you make in relation to the value you give and the stories you tell?

Getting that balance right is not an easy thing to do.

If you only give upfront value and tell stories. Then your bank balance will suffer.

If you only sell. Then the people on your database will vote with their feet. Your unsubscribe rate will be high. And the number of people you can email will not increase... despite spending a fortune on lead generation.

So getting the right balance of nurture and sales is critical to your success.

This is the point where I could start quoting percentages to get that balance right. 50-50 or 80-20 or 95-5.

And that would be a lie!

True and lasting success lies in...


The Big Email Success Secret

The only thing your email needs to achieve is...

Making the reader want to read your next email!

That's the true secret to email marketing success. 

That's the secret that will...

  1. Increase your open rates
  2. Keep people on your database for years
  3. Make the second, third, fourth and fifth sales



How do you make every email (regardless of the call to action) make people want to read your next email?

You tell stories and give value in... every email!

Yes, even in emails that ask people to buy. You still tell inspirational personal stories. Because these are the stories that make the sale. These are the stories that make people believe that they can change their life.


These are the stories that create a stronger relationship with your list. These are the stories that create trust with the people that don't buy today. These are the stories that make people want to work with you. Which sets up future sales.

Do you have someone on your team that can do this now?

If not...


I Can Write Ongoing Emails For You

My name is Roland Eva and for 4 years I was Head of Marketing for the largest UK property training company. So I understand challenges of lead generation and nurturing your list. I know the critical importance of customer lifetime value.


The role that email plays in keeping people on your list for years…


The role that email plays in making the sale. 

I can write ongoing emails for you that…

  • Will make the reader want to read your next email.
  • Will tell stories that inspire people to change their lives.
  • Will earn trust to create sales today and in the future.

In other words...

I'll write ongoing emails that bond your list to you and make the second, third, fourth and fifth sales.

If you would like me to write ongoing emails for you then...


Here's How We Can Work Together

I'll write a minimum of 4 emails per week for a minimum of 3 months.

If you only want someone to write one email a week for you then I'm not the right copywriter for you.

If 3 months sounds like too long a test period. Then I'm not the right copywriter for you.


If you want an experienced copywriter to help you develop a stronger relationship with your list. A relationship that you can use to dramatically increase your customer lifetime value. Then we should have a chat about working together.

The investment for me to write 4 emails per week is £2,700 per month.

Right now, I don't know anything about your business.



Here's What Happens Before I Write A Single Word

Before I can start to write your ongoing emails. I need to do a lot of research about you and your business. Here's what the research includes...

  1. Read your book
  2. Listen to your podcasts
  3. Read your blogs
  4. Watch your YouTube videos
  5. Read the lead magnet that got people onto your list
  6. Interview you for your inspiration stories (unless they are in your book)
  7. Ask any further questions about the people on your list
  8. Read your sales material for your offers


Once I understand you, your mission, who you help and the workshops and mentorship you sell. Then I can start writing your ongoing emails.


Would You Like Me To Write Your Emails For The Next 3 Months?

Would you like to speak to me before making that decision?

If you answered Yes to both of these questions. Then please click the link below and book a video consultation call.

The video consultation call is our opportunity to meet and see if we are a good fit for each other.

In 30-minutes you'll know if this is right for you. And you'll know when we can get started.

There is no cost for this call and there is no future obligation. This is purely an opportunity to see if we are a good fit for each other.

To book a video consultation call now. Complete the form below. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this message.

I look forward to speaking with you soon and learning about your business.

Carpe diem

Roland Eva