How To Nurture Leads And Convert Them Into Buyers With A Behavioural Engagement Nurture Sequence



Dear Training Company Owner

How many people do you have on your list that have not done a single thing?

They have opted-in for a lead magnet only to sit on your list procrastinating. They haven't attended a webinar or free live event. They haven't bought a book or a low priced product.

I'm guessing this number is a lot. It could be 10,000 or 15,000 or more.

Let's look at this another way...

What percentage of your list have not taken a single step forward with you?

Is it 60% or 70%?


What do you have in place to turn these people into customers?

If you're like most training companies, the answer is a 6 to 10 email nurture sequence... or nothing.


You've got money sitting in your list.

You've also got a sales team constantly asking for new leads.

And... discovery events that are not as full as you want.

So what do you do?

You run more lead generation ads on Facebook, Google, YouTube and paid lists to find "hot leads". People that want to attend a webinar or discovery event this week.

And your pool of "dormant leads" continues to grow.

Dormant leads are the people that have not yet taken the first step with you.

I call them Dormant Leads because this is money that lies dormant in your database.

The "standard" solution to this problem is a Nurture Sequence.

This could be a 6 to 10 email sequence once someone has first joined your list. Or it could be a campaign specific to this segment of your list to motivate them to take the first step with you.

In my experience, these campaigns do not generate great results.


Because you are targeting the least engaged people.


Does that prove this segment of your list is unresponsive?


Does it prove that you need to target this segment of your list in a different way?

Does this prove the need for...


Behavioural Engagement Nurture Sequences

A nurture sequence is a staircase that moves people from wanting to solve a problem in their life. To wanting to do business with you.

This is typically 6 to 10 emails. It may ask people to buy a product. Or it might end with people receiving your standard offers.

A Behavioural Engagement Nurture Sequence is a staircase with 6 steps.



The first step in this example is to download your ebook. The fifth step is to buy your low priced product or attend your discovery event.

The difference between a Behavioural Engagement Nurture Sequence and a standard nurture sequence is that each step in the staircase has 10 emails.

So rather than having 6 to 10 emails. The campaign will have 60 emails or more.

Here's why that's necessary...

How many people download your ebook after opting in?

If it's much above 60% then you are doing really well.

Why don't people download the report they have just asked for? I have no idea. I only know the stats... and they make for sour reading.

So, what's the solution?

You write 10 emails asking people to download the report.

The first email in this step is your standard email. Here's the ebook you wanted. Click the link below to read it now.

The other emails in step 1 need to sell the value of your ebook to them again. This could be as simple as reminding them of what they'll learn in the ebook and what they can do with that knowledge.

Or it could remind them of your story and how you created your system and why it will change their life.

Or it could use customer success stories to prove that ordinary people can change their life when they use your system.

As you can see, this is several different ways to motivate a prospect to download and read the ebook that they requested.

Once they have downloaded your ebook the prospect moves to Step 2 of the staircase.

Step 2 could be to watch a short video that shares with them information that is not in your ebook. More information to help them better understand the problem.

Again, there are 10 emails written for step 2. Why? Because not everyone will open the first email. And not everyone that opens the first email will click to watch the video.

That's why you need several emails. Each email motivates the reader to take action in a different way.

It would help to have the same content in different formats. So if someone read the first email and didn't want to watch a video. The next email shares with them how they can read a blog (with the same information).

The benefit of doing this is that you know prospects are consuming your content in a specific order.

Steps 3 and 4 give more value. They can help the prospect better understand what they need to do to seize the opportunity. And it can give them social proof to show that people just like them have changed their life when they use your system.

Step 5 sends prospects to a long copy sales page. This is where we ask them to take action. The value sequence that they have consumed leads shows them how your system will change their life. Now we are giving them the opportunity to buy. Step 5 asks prospects to invest in your program so you can help them change their life.

Step 6 is for people that have clicked through to the long copy sales page and not bought.

As you know, most people will not buy the first time they read a sales page or watch a video sales letter. So this step encourages them to take the next step to change their life.

The use of tools such as Deadline Funnel means that you can put a deadline on your offer. The deadline works across devices and creates genuine scarcity. This supercharges a one time offer to create many more buyers.


What's The Benefit Of A Behavioural Engagement Nurture Sequence For The Customer?

The customer is able to take the first step to change their life in a way that is most comfortable for them.

They are not pushed down a path that they do not have time to fully consider. They can walk up the staircase from wanting to solve a problem... to wanting to do business with you... in a way that resonates best for them.


What's The Benefit Of A Behavioural Engagement Nurture Sequences For You?

You are able to turn more of your list into buyers.

As you know, the hardest sale is the first sale. Regardless, of the price point.

Once someone has bought from you once. They are more likely to buy from you again and again.

So the more leads you can convert into buyers, the more upsells you will make.

Plus, the more stories you tell to your dormant leads... the more trust you will create... and the more future sales you will make.

A Behavioural Engagement Nurture Sequence monetises an asset that you already have. In a way that builds trust, generates goodwill and keeps customers in your community for longer.

How does this sequence achieve all that?

By telling inspirational personal stories.

It will tell your stories. It will tell your customer success stories.

Stories create a lasting emotional connection. It is the emotional connection that lays the foundation for sales today and in the future.


Why Don't More Training Companies Use Behavioural Engagement Nurture Sequences?

Because they are a lot of work!

Knowing what to do is one thing. Having the resource to do it is another.

I'm sure every training company owner or head of marketing knows they should do this. And they don't because of all the other plates they are trying to keep in the air.

It is the chaos of day to day business that pushes this down the to-do list. So it never gets implemented.

At least, that was my experience working as Head of Marketing for the largest UK property education company.

Great ideas die on the vine because there aren't enough hours in the day. 



Would You Like Me To Create A Behavioural Engagement Nurture Sequence For You?

If the answer is Yes then I'll create all the assets for you. Your team will not need to lift a finger... unless you want them to.

If you've got the value assets for the campaign to link to. Then putting this together is as simple as writing 60 emails and setting up the behavioural triggers in your CRM system.

If you'd like me to create the value assets so there is a stronger link between your lead magnet and your offer. Then I'm happy to write the scripts of the videos. I'll record and edit the videos. Create the video web pages. Write the video scripts as blog posts so prospects can consume the information in the way they want.

Finally, I'll write the sales page for your offer.

If you'd like me to do this for you then I'm sure you're wondering...

What is the investment?

The short answer is it depends on the amount of work.

If you've already got a lead magnet, a low priced course and videos and blog posts to link them together. Plus a sales page to sell your low priced course. Then you will only need me to write the email copy and set up the behavioural triggers.

A ballpark figure for the investment is £5,000 plus a 10% commission on sale.

Why is there an ongoing commission on sale?

Because this aligns our focus. And it means that we both have a vested interest in getting the best results from the campaign.

I'm a direct response copywriter and marketing consultant. That means my role is to drive sales. In the same way that a salesperson earns commission. So do copywriters.


What's The Next Step

If you'd like me to create a Behavioural Engagement Nurture Sequence for your new leads or your dormant leads.

And you'd like to speak to me about your business and the assets that you've already got for the campaign. Then please click the link below and book a video consultation call.

The video consultation call is our opportunity to meet and see if we are a good fit for each other.

In 30-minutes you'll know if this is right for you. And you'll know when we can get started.

There is no cost for this call and there is no future obligation. This is purely an opportunity to see if we are a good fit for each other. 

To book a video consultation call now. Click the link below.

Thank you for taking the time to read this message. It's longer than what most people would read. And I wanted to show you how a Behavioural Engagement Nurture Sequence works. Why it's much more than a 6 to 10 email nurture sequence. Why it's better for you and the customer. And how it creates more buyers.

I look forward to speaking with you soon and learning about your business.

Carpe diem

Roland Eva