£672,989 in just 9 days

Roland gave me the greatest year of my business life. He launched my Wealth DNA book to number 1 on Amazon for all books sold on the day of launch.

Roland exploded my training company with a launch that made £672,989 in just 9 days. He followed that with a launch that made £377,433 in 9 days. That level of success just blew my mind. To top it all off, Roland filled my summit in London with over 1,000 people!

Daniel Wagner founder of Simply Conscious

£120,000 in just 9 days!

"The first thing Roland advised me to do was triple my prices. This terrified me but he was adamant and that’s what convinced me. Our first product launch made £120,000 in just 9 days! And… Roland has repeated this success many times over the next 18 months."


Arsh Ellahi founder of Arsh Ellahi

Made more money in 9 days than I normally make in 6 months!

"Before I started working with Roland Eva I was well known as the largest HMO investor, but I struggled to turn my knowledge and reputation into cash.

I did a product launch with Roland and made more money in 9 days than I normally make in 6 months! And the entire process took just 3 hours of my time. That was just amazing!

Roland has launched 4 new courses for me which has improved my product range considerably."

Jim Haliburton founder of HMO Daddy

Filled my event and built a stronger relationship with my community

When I contacted Roland I had a half-empty event that was just 2 weeks away.

Within 2 days, Roland started sharing my property story with my community and the registrations started rolling in. With Roland’s help I quickly filled my event and built a stronger relationship with my community.

Paul Preston founder of Property Success

In 4 months, you’ve added £25,000 to my business!

Wendy Whittaker-Large

Roland has given me a system to grow my business

Christine Hertoghe

I’ve come away with a very detailed plan to grow my business

Steve Cardwell

Complex concepts made simple to bring more money in your business

Jordan Johnson

Step by step plan to build any business

Bruno Leite

The most content-full day I’ve ever had!

Alex Hickman