5 Simple Steps To Create A Magic Bullet Product


To sell your expertise, you must to tell your prospect exactly what they are buying. If there is any confusion or doubt then they won’t do it. This is why you must package your expertise.

But how do you do that? How do you create a product that your community will want and buy?

By following this simple 5-step formula:

Let’s look at each step in turn.


Step #1 - What is your community’s greatest desire?

This is the one time when caricature’s really help.


Because you can be as crazy and outrageous as possible.


It stops you thinking about one person and then discounting everything you’ve written become someone else you know has an opposing opinion.

To help you see what I mean, here are some examples:

Property Investors:

Property Investors want passive income. They want to be able to buy a house with someone else’s money, find a letting agent to manage it for them and then make a passive income for the rest of their life.


Internet Marketers:

Internet Marketers want but build a system ONCE and then make money passively from it for the rest of their life… without ever having to talk to customers!

So write down the greatest desire of your community. Don’t limit what you write to what is possible or what they would say. Just write down what you know they really want.


Step #2 - What is your community’s biggest problem?

If there was one excuse, above all the others, that your community would say for not achieving their goals what would it be?

Here are some examples:

Property Investors:

  1. Raising finance
  2. Finding deals


eCommerce Sellers

  1. Finding the right product


Brainstorm a list of 10 to 20 excuses that you know your customers would give you for why they didn’t achieve their goals. You know that life got in the way or I couldn’t find the time is going to be on the list. And what else is going to be there.

Then highlight the one or two excuses that you know you’ll hear above all others.


Step #3 - What miracle would deliver their greatest desire while solving their biggest problem?

This is where you get to put on your fantasy hat and consider the ideal product.

Don’t limit your thinking to what is possible.

Think about the learning process in the movie The Matrix. The “trainer” inserts a drive and in less than 5 minutes you know a new skill just as well as a master that has devoted 10 years of his life to the craft.

You obviously can’t do that and I hope it illustrates the point. Just think about the product that would solve your community’s biggest problems and deliver their greatest desires.


Step #4 - How would it work, specifically?

If you could create the Magic Bullet Product for your community how would it work? How long would it take to deliver the product? Would they need to leave their house? How long would it take for them to see results?

Would you deliver the content in person because they want connection as well as knowledge?

Would you offer additional hand holding support for 3 weeks, or 8 weeks or a year following the course because you know how hard it is to use a new skill. You remember how many times you fell, when you were learning to ride a bike and having someone there to catch you or help you get back up and encourage you to try again is the reason why you didn’t quit.

So start writing how a Magic Bullet Product would work for your community.


Step #5 - Does my product do anything close?

Now that you know what the Magic Bullet Product looks like, in every detail. You can see the areas in which your product falls short.

Don’t worry, your product will not be able to deliver in every area because the Magic Bullet Product is just that, a fantasy that doesn’t exist. However, by clearly seeing what could be you will be able to see ways you can improve your product offering.

By giving your community their greatest desire and solving their biggest problem you will never struggle to sell your expertise.

Please take the time to go through this process. Knowledge only becomes power when you use it. That’s why I’m determined to help you use this information.

If you found this useful then please leave a comment below. If this can help someone you know then please share it with them.

Carpe diem

Roland Eva


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About The Author

Roland Eva is a copywriter and marketing trainer, mentor and consultant.

For the last 5 years, Roland has helped authors, coaches, mentors and trainers in the property and business opportunity markets to fill seminars and sell high-end programs ranging from £1,000 to £6,000. Many campaigns have made over £500,000 in just 9 days. Roland has done this through what he calls value first marketing. Value first marketing builds trust by giving upfront value, before giving your community the opportunity to work with you further.

Roland’s marketing journey began when he lost his first business, a photography and graphic design studio. The pain of watching his business die slowly motivated him to discover a proven system to find your perfect prospect, earn their trust through value first marketing and persuade them to buy, by telling true stories that inspire people to change their life.

Today Roland’s mission is to prevent every business owner from suffering through the same pain as he did. Roland wants to take them on the ecstatic ride that comes with having a proven system to turn leads into customers and expertise into cash.

As a consultant, Roland works on a no win, no fee basis so you don’t risk a penny. As he says this makes the cash register ring or it’s free, simple as that!

To contact Roland please email him on: Roland@RolandEva.co.uk

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