3 Simple Steps To Create A Personal Brand


As we head into 2018, and start writing our goals and making a plan for their achievement, it’s worth considering the hinge that is going to open the biggest door. The 1% activity that will have a 50% effect on your results.

In my opinion, that activity is your personal brand!


Because if more people that fully understand how you can help them… the more people that will want to work with you and the more referrals you will receive.



3 Simple Steps To Create Your Personal Brand


  1. Message
  2. Images
  3. Platform


Let’s look at each of these in tern…


Step #1. Message

When most people think about a personal brand they think about wearing a colour or specific item of clothing, such as a scarf or hat.

Yes if you do this for long enough it will help make you recognizable, just think about Progressive Property and their striped shirts.

However, a brand is a promise! It’s not a striped shirt or a scarf or a hat.

Your personal brand is your promise. It’s what you stand for, what you stand against, it’s who you help and what makes you different.

That’s a lot of things, right? It sounds complicated too, right?

The most important thing about your personal brand message is that it’s memorable. For it to be memorable it needs to be simple.

To craft a simple and memorable personal brand message you need to answer this simple question:


What problem do you solve… for who?


Don’t tell people what you do. That’s the simple, top of mind answer. It’s also meaningless.

People will want to work with you if you can solve their problems. So to create a strong personal brand you’ve got to clearly state the problem you solve.

To illustrate this point, I’ll share with you the problem that I solve:

Roland Eva solves the problem of no or low sales for authors, coaches, consultants, mentors and trainers.

In one sentence I’ve stated the problem that I solve and for who.

Could I improve on this statement?

I think so. Here’s how I’ve improved that statement

Roland Eva turns expertise into cash by telling true stories that inspire people to change their life

So get clear on what problem you solve and for who. Then write one sentence that with this formula

Problem I solve… For… By… (describe how you deliver the solution that makes you different)


Step #2. Images

We live in a visual age and it’s only becoming more visual which is why it’s important to have a professional portrait.

Does this have to be taken by a professional photographer? No, but it helps.

Don’t use a picture of you on holiday and don’t use a picture that doesn’t clearly show your face.

You want something that makes a professional and friendly first impression.


Step #3. Platform

Consistency counts so make sure your message and image are consistent across all your platforms. This includes your website and all your social media channels.

This third and final step is the easiest to do and where it’s easiest to fall down because it’s the most boring step. So, write a list of all your social media channels and then enjoy the feeling of crossing each item off your list once you done it.

Please take the time to go through this process and use it to grow your expert business.

Remember: knowledge only becomes power when you use it. That’s why I’m determined to help you use this information.

If you found this useful then please leave a comment below. If this can help someone you know then please share it with them.

Carpe diem

Roland Eva


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About The Author

Roland Eva is a copywriter and marketing trainer, mentor and consultant.

For the last 5 years, Roland has helped authors, coaches, mentors and trainers in the property and business opportunity markets to fill seminars and sell high-end programs ranging from £1,000 to £6,000. Many campaigns have made over £500,000 in just 9 days. Roland has done this through what he calls value first marketing. Value first marketing builds trust by giving upfront value, before giving your community the opportunity to work with you further.

Roland’s marketing journey began when he lost his first business, a photography and graphic design studio. The pain of watching his business die slowly motivated him to discover a proven system to find your perfect prospect, earn their trust through value first marketing and persuade them to buy, by telling true stories that inspire people to change their life.

Today Roland’s mission is to prevent every business owner from suffering through the same pain as he did. Roland wants to take them on the ecstatic ride that comes with having a proven system to turn leads into customers and expertise into cash.

As a consultant, Roland works on a no win, no fee basis so you don’t risk a penny. As he says this makes the cash register ring or it’s free, simple as that!

To contact Roland please email him on: Roland@RolandEva.co.uk

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