Low Cost Lead Generation Secrets For Consultants


To build a bulletproof consulting business, you need a proven system to turn strangers into customers.

I've got a simple system that you can use called Consistent Profits Pyramid. There are 3 steps to this system:


  1. Find your ideal customer
  2. Earn their trust
  3. Make them feel good about buying


To use my system, you need a crystal clear picture of your ideal customer. And you must know with rock-solid confidence how you can help them.

With those 2 pieces of information, you are closer to a secure income than most people think.

The next step is to grab your ideal customer's attention in a way that makes them want to meet you... and then give them an irresistible offer.

I'm making this sound easy... and... how do you do that?

That's exactly what I'm going to show you.

As a consultant, you don't need many customers to build your dream business. This means that you have many more options for reaching your ideal customer and grabbing their attention in a memorable way. A way that is going to make them want to meet you.

Here's the good news: what I'm going to tell you has nothing to do with Google or Facebook ads. So there's no technical learning curve. You don't need a CRM system. You don't need to build landing pages. In fact, you don't need a website, although I would recommend having one.

So... there's no technical learning curve. There's no ongoing software costs. You can start using this tomorrow to bring in new business. And...

It's the most powerful way I've ever used to reel in consulting clients.

What is this super-charged way to get consulting clients?

I'll tell you that in a minute. First let's talk about the building blocks that you need to use this simple system.


Who Is Your Ideal Customer & How Can You Solve Their Problems

If you want to grab your ideal customer's attention... and make them excited to work with you. Then you must know how to solve their problems. If you can't solve their problems then why would they want to work with you?

You also must know who is your ideal customer. My definition of an ideal customer is someone that needs your help and is willing to pay for it.

If you don't know who is your ideal customer and how you can solve their problems then you can't use my simple system. As you'll see, this system fires a harpoon at one specific customer. So if you can't identify one customer or one group of customers this will not work.

So as a consultant who do you want to help?

Who do I help? I help training companies make more money without spending a penny on advertising, marketing or lead generation.

How do I do that?

I help them monetise an asset that they already have in their business. I help trining companies monetise their customer database.

So I've got a crystal clear picture of who my ideal customer is. Training companies.

Will I help other companies?

Absolutely. That's why I say that I turn expertise into cash. This throws the net of my ideal customers so wide that many customers will not realise that I'm talking to them.


I've thrown the net wide for myself! This helps me to see the full spectrum of customers that I would love to work with.

There are several manufacturing companies that I would love to work with. They've got a product (their expertise) and they are struggling to sell it.

These are unlikely to have a database so my irresistible offer has to change.

We'll get on to how you can help your ideal customer in a minute. For now just think about who you want to help.

This can be as broad as I want to work with training companies or manufacturing companies.

Once you know who you want to work with. You then need to know how you can solve their problems.

Because if you can't articulate very quickly how you can solve their problems... they won't want to work with you.

We are all looking for solutions to our problems. Ideally, solutions that are free to learn, fast to use, and cost little or nothing to get started.

Would you agree that's what we all want?

Would you also agree that doesn't exist?

If it does exist then please let me know where I can find it!

The reason why it's worth considering the Ideal Solution your prospect wants... is that it helps you craft your irresistible offer. You see, the closer you can get to the Ideal Solution... the more irresistible your offer.

So... can you articulate your solution in one sentence?


That's okay. Because you'll work up to that. In fact by the end of this blog you'll know how to articulate your solution in one sentence. And you'll use it to start getting new business.

Start with writing down how you solve your prospects problems. It doesn't matter if it takes one page or ten pages. The point is to get your ideas down on paper. You see, writing is organised thought. The more you write, the better you can articulate how you can help your customer.

Don't worry if your solution doesn't sound that great right now. Just keep writing.

Once you've got your ideas on paper, then you can start to tidy them up.

Then you need to distill down how you solve your prospect's problem into a headline. In other words, you need to write one sentence that makes the reader want to know more.

How have I done this?

Well, I help business owners make more money with none of their time. That's the big promise. Yes, they also don't have to spend a penny more on advertising or lead generation. I save that detail for the letter. The big idea that I use to grab their attention is more money with none of their time. Here's what I write...

How [Name] Can Make £100K (or more) In 9 Days... With Only 6 Hours Of Your Time!

That's it. Simple. Direct. To the point.

And it's something that makes them want to know more. How is it possible to make 6-figures in 9 days? How is it possible to do that with only 6 hours of their time?

That makes them read the rest of my message.



So, do you see how we've come back to where we started? Once you know who is your ideal customer and how you can solve their problems... you are close to building a bulletproof consulting business.

To bring in new business you need to grab your ideal customer's focussed attention... in a way that makes them want to read your message.

To do that you need to fire...


A Harpoon Letter

If you want to reel in a Whale Consulting Client. A client that can give you regular work and transform the profitability of your business. Then you need a harpoon.

What's your harpoon?

A letter.

You see, the beauty of a letter is that it cuts through the clutter. It immediately grabs your customer's attention because they are unlikely to get a lot of mail.

Emails are easy to ignore. Emails are easy to miss. And most of us are looking for an excuse to delete an email. So getting a sales email from someone you don't know is an easy email to delete.

When you send someone a letter, you've just bought 20 seconds of their focussed attention.

That buys you enough time for them to read the headline. If they like the headline then they will read the rest of the letter.

For this strategy to work there are a few rules that you must obey.


Rule #1 - Write To A Named Person

If you address your letter to the Owner / CEO then it's easy to throw it in the bin without opening it.

Do you receive letters to Home Owner? Or Present Occupier?

Do you open those letters?

I open the envelope while standing over the recycling bin. As soon as I can see that it's junk mail it goes straight into the bin.

Before I've even opened the envelope, I'm looking for an excuse to bin the letter.

This is the last thing you want to do. You want to make your ideal customer excited to read your letter so you've got to write to a named person.


Rule #2 - Hand Write Your Envelopes

At a 3 day Dan Kennedy seminar, I learned some secrets of direct mail. One of the most important secrets is getting the letter opened.

After all, if the envelope is not opened, it doesn't matter what you say in your letter.

There was a woman at the seminar that worked for one of the biggest direct mailers in the US. So she had a ton of data on what works best.

The data shows that a white envelope with a handwritten address in blue ink works best.

Seriously, they had test data to prove that blue ink gets a better open rate than black.

That's a level of detail that I would never have thought to test.

For your letter, make sure you handwrite the envelope.


Because a handwritten envelope is likely to be from someone you know. A printed envelope is likely to be a mass mailing.

What type of envelope are they most likely to open?

You guessed it. The one that looks like it's from someone they know.

Now you know how to get your letter read. It's time to look at...


What To Write In Your Harpoon Letter?

There are 2 things to remember before you start to write your Harpoon Letter:

  1. Selfish is not a bad word in marketing
  2. Your ideal customer does not have a lot of time


These 2 things will help you write a high performing letter. One that will reel in a Whale Consulting client. A client that can give you repeat work and transform the profitability of your business.

Selfish is not a bad word in marketing. In fact, you should keep this front of mind. Always ask yourself what's in it for your reader? Why would they want to read your message?

If the answer to your question is so exciting that they absolutely have to read the rest of your message. Then you will win your readers attention.

Your ideal customer does not have a lot of time. That's why you've got to show what's in it for them immediately! Don't bury the benefit in the letter. You've got to shout it from your headline. That's what is going to pull your reader into your letter.

With those two ideas in your mind. You are ready to write a headline.


Your Headline Must Give The Reader An Unbelievable Benefit

Something that they will be excited to have. Remember, your headline is what pulls your ideal customer into your letter.

So it doesn't matter if you spend an entire day to write 20 words in a headline. Those are the 20 most important words you will write.

Your headline shows the reader how you can help him. How you can remove his problems faster than he dares to believe.

What's the headline that I use? Lots of money fast with none of your time. That's the basic outline.

The headline makes a huge promise that I have to prove in the letter. As long as I can prove the promise in the headline, then the reader will want to work with me.

Your letter then needs to cover


  1. Who are you
  2. How you can help them
  3. Proof that you can deliver amazing results
  4. Why they should meet you
  5. Call to action


Why they should meet you is the whole point of your letter. You see your letter is not asking for any money. Your letter is not asking them to pick up the phone and call you (although that often happens).

The purpose of the letter is to have a 1-hour meeting with Mr Big. They won't give up their time unless they know why they should. So you've got to show them why they should meet with you. What's in it for them if they give up their time?

You need to make it clear how long you would like to meet. If you want 1-hour from their day then you are likely to get it. If you want half a day then you'll struggle.

You make it easy for them to say Yes to meeting with you by showing them exactly what will happen in the meeting.

Show them what you will discuss. Tell them what you will give them at the meeting. And how that gift will help them. I tell people that I will give them the entire system that I will use. And I'll tell them how to use the system so they can run the campaign on their own.

Why would I do that?

Because I want to earn their trust. When I earn their trust I believe that they will want to work with me to take advantage of my 10,000 hours of experience.

And my results prove that's a winning strategy. So, don't be afraid to lay your cards on the table. Show the customer what you will do and how you will do it. This helps to justify your fee because they can see all the work you will do.

When the reader knows what's in it for them if they meet you. And they believe you can deliver your promise. Then they will want to meet you.

Once you have your prospects name and address. And you've written your Harpoon Letter. You could start sending out letters. But...

There's something else you can do to guarantee your letter gets read. This also makes you memorable.


Use A Grabber

A grabber is often called lumpy mail. Because you put something in with your letter to grab the attention of your ideal customer.

The most famous example of this is sending money. Gary Halbert has done this will a $1 bill. Other entrepreneurs have used cheques for larger sums of money.

The grabber that I use is a coffee cup.


Because I want to buy them coffee to discuss the idea in the letter. (How I can make them £100K or more in 9 days... with only 6 hours of their time).

So I don't send a letter. I send a parcel that's delivered by courier.

There's no way that you're not going to open a FedEx parcel.

If the letter tells the reader how you can solve their problems and the grabber makes you memorable then you've won.


There's still no money in the bank at this stage.

You've grabbed the attention of your ideal customer. You've demonstrated how you can solve their problems. You've made yourself memorable. And you've made them excited to meet you.

There's one more thing that you need to do...


Call To Book A Meeting

The call to action is always that you will call them. You don't want to leave anything to chance. You don't want to ask them to call you because that is leaving the result to chance.

When you call your ideal customer after you have sent them a Harpoon Letter, you are not cold calling. You are calling to book a meeting. Like you said you would do in your letter. This is your first step to prove that you will do what you say.

The grabber makes you instantly memorable. After all, how many other people can say, "I'm the guy that sent you the coffee cup?"

Once you've got a meeting, then you've got a 1-hour window to earn the trust of your ideal customer and show him how you can deliver your promises. You've got a chance to discuss when you can start giving them the benefit that you outlined in your letter.

If you've got a good service, and you target the right customers, then 75% of your meetings should turn into new business.

So, let's return to the promise at the start of this post.


How To Build A Bulletproof Consulting Business

To build a bulletproof consulting business you need a proven way to turn strangers into customers.

You now know how to do that with a Harpoon Letter and a follow up meeting.

To build your dream business you only need to do some simple maths.

How many letters do you need to send to earn your desired income?

If 50% of the letters you send turn into meetings and 75% of your meetings turn into new business. Then how many letters do you need to send to build your dream business?

Do this now!

Once you can see that you only need to send 100 letters. Or 50 letters. Then you'll be motivated to do it.

So please do the equation now.


Now It's Your Turn

You now know a simple process to turn strangers into customers. A simple process that you can repeat to build your dream business. A business that first fills your time. Then gives you the confidence to build a team so you build a business that runs without you.

What do you need to do this?

You need a letter. You need a list of clients to mail. You need the discipline to send the letters.

So make the first step. Write your letter. Choose your grabber.

Then your dream business is inches from your fingertips. And you know exactly how to grab it.

If you have found this useful then please leave a comment below.

If this can help someone you know then please share it with them.

Until next time...

Carpe diem

Roland Eva


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I'm a copywriter and marketing expert that turns expertise into cash.

For the last 5 years, I've helped business owners to sell products and services in many industries. The products and services have ranged in price from £5 to £12,000.

My most successful campaign made £672,989 in 9 days.

I took that result and transformed it into a simple repeatable system. A system that I teach to ambitious entrepreneurs that want to make money on demand without a sales team.

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