The Hidden Goldmine In Your Consulting Business! And How To Turn It Into Cash Within 90 Days


Here's the sad truth about most consultants...

They have a great service...

They are well paid for doing what they love...

But they are not rich...

Because they are don't book much of their time.

This was the sad truth of my photography and graphic design business.

I had international clients that few me all over the world. I had my weekends booked with weddings. I got well paid to do what I love.

So on the face of it. I was living the dream. I had turned my passion into a profitable business.


I wasn't booking enough of my time because I didn't know how to sell myself.

Once I got in front of a client, my work did the selling for me. So winning clients was relatively easy. The problem was I didn't have enough client meetings. And I didn't have enough clients that gave me regular work.

The truth is that I knew the exact client that I needed to find. One that would give me work every month. And... I had an idea of the types of client that could do this. And... I had experience working with these clients.


I failed to turn that experience into a lot more clients. Why?


Because I Didn't Know These 2 Critical Things To Make Clients Want To Meet Me...

#1. What problem I solved better than anyone else?

#2. What story I could tell to make the CEO say "I want that"


Here's the good news: the answer to those questions are...


The Hidden Goldmine In Your Consulting Business

In 2006, I knew only one way to find new clients on demand. Pick up the phone and start dialing.

And once I got someone (anyone on the phone) I didn't know how to answer objections. I certainly didn't know what problem I could solve better than anyone else.

In my mind, I was a kid with a camera that could also design websites and brochures.

Today I realise how powerful it is to have one point of contact for all the branding and corporate identity needs for a company. I realise that being able to take pictures and design websites and design brochures made me unique. But I didn't know that then... so my cold calling didn't get me very far.


I didn't obey the law of large numbers. I didn't make 60 calls a day to get one client.

I made 10 calls a day and then looked for any excuse to avoid the rejection!

My excuse was doing "hope marketing" to make the phone ring.


I ran Google ads.

I ran Facebook ads.

I wrote blogs.

I had adverts in the Yellow pages and other business directories.


That activity did make the phone ring from 2006 to 2008. The phone rang when there were plenty of buyers.

When the financial crisis hit. The phone stopped ringing and I was powerless to do anything about it.

I spent more money on advertising and the phone didn't ring.

Why didn't I pick up the phone and dial?

Because I was too much of a coward! I couldn't face the rejection.

The truth is, I was sitting on a goldmine. And I didn't know how to turn it into cash.

Do you have the same problem?

Do you have a great service and struggle to win new clients?

If so, then you'll love this blog because it will show you...



The Hidden Goldmine In Your Consulting Business! And How To Turn It Into Cash Within 90 Days

The hidden goldmine in your consulting business is...

#1. The problem you solve better than anyone else?

#2. The story you can tell to make the CEO of your ideal client say "I want that"

Let's dive into the first part of the hidden goldmine in your consulting business.


What Problem Do You Solve Better Than Anyone Else?

If you're thinking, I don't do anything better than anyone else. Then you're not trying hard enough.


Push yourself to think about what problem you solve better than anyone else.

Push yourself to think about what makes you unique.

If you're still struggling then here are some ways that you can change your offer to make it unique.

As always, I'm not smart enough to think of these ideas myself. So I'm stealing from the best.

What did Dominos do to make themselves unique? How did they take a "me too" product and make it stand out?

They made a big promise!

Dominos said...

"Fresh hot pizza is 30 minutes or less or it's free"

So the pizza itself is nothing special. But the speed is. And if they can't get it to your door in 30 minutes then it's free. Talk about an outrageous guarantee!


What guarantee can you add to your offer that makes you stand out?

What speed promise can you add to your offer that makes you unique?

What service can you add to your offer to make you unique?

As a photographer and graphic designer I never realised how valuable it was to have one point of contact for all your branding needs. So I marketed myself like everyone else... and got crushed.

If you make a guarantee big enough, it will make you unique. When I was starting out as a copywriter and business builder. I told a client that I'll double your business in 6 months or it's free.

Unfortunately, I couldn't deliver on my promise so I worked for 6 months for free. Was it worth it?


Why? Because I learned a ton. That's when I first wrote a long copy sales page. It was to sell a £700 workshop. My friends through I was crazy. They never believed you could sell a £700 workshop without a sales team.


The sales page worked!

It pulled in sales. Just not as many as I needed to double the clients business in 6 months.

What else did I learn?

I learned about conversion rates. About what is possible and what is fantasy.

Learning at the coalface is the most valuable and it can be the most painful.


Let's get back to the problem that you solve better than anyone else. I won my first client with an outrageous guarantee. So think about the fear and doubt the client goes through before booking you. Then look for ways to remove it.

Keep pushing and keep digging until you've found the problem that you solve better than anyone else.

Once you've got that. We can move on to the second part of the hidden goldmine in your consulting business.


What Story You Can Tell To Make The CEO Say "I Want That"

Stories prove that you can deliver on your outrageous promise.

So what stories can you tell to bring your promise to life, and make the CEO of your ideal client say "I want that".

The story that you need to craft is your Product Origin story. This is the story of how you discovered your product.

Your Product Origin story needs to show...

  1. Why you wanted to find a solution to this problem.
  2. The challenges that you suffered through to create your system.
  3. The results that you have enjoyed.


Telling your story in this way will make it interesting to the listener. It also uses the 3-Act Structure which Shakespeare and countless other authors have used. The 3 parts to put your story into are

  1. Setup
  2. Challenge
  3. Resolution


Here's how I have told my Product Origin story in 3 acts.

In 2008, I lost my photography and graphic design business because I didn't know how to turn strangers into customers on demand.

As my business failed, I made a commitment to myself to discover how to turn strangers into customers on demand. I had no idea if this was possible. I had no idea who could teach me. And I had no money to pay for their help because my business had failed. For the next 7-years I learned about copywriting, marketing and business building through the school of hard knocks, traditional education, and street smarts education. To pay for my studies I forced my wife to sacrifice holidays and restaurant dinner.

In 2015, I tested a new form of marketing that combines upfront value with storytelling, social proof and an irresistible offer. This new form of marketing made £672,989 in 9 days. I transformed that amazing result into a repeatable system. So I can achieve that level of success for other clients.


Now it's your turn to tell your Product Origin story in 3 acts.

Once you've done that. You have uncovered the hidden goldmine in your consulting business.


That's a huge achievement.

And I'm sure you're wondering...


How Do You Turn A Unique Promise And A Story Into New Clients Within 90 Days

Here's my simple step-by-step system to win new clients.

  1. Make a list of potential clients
  2. Filter the list
  3. Send them your irresistible offer letter
  4. Call to set up a meeting
  5. Meet the CEO… and leave with a Yes


Before we dive into the detail of this system. Let me tell you a top line overview.

You're going to send a letter to a client that you'd like to work with. The letter is going to explain how you can help them in a way that makes them say "I want that."

You are then going to call the client to set up a meeting.

At the meeting, you are going to tell your Product Origin story in greater detail and go on to explain how you can help them.

That's it. Simple.

Now can you see the power and importance of uncovering the hidden goldmine in your consulting business? And the role that plays in winning new clients?

The beauty of this system is the simplicity. You see, if you want more clients then you need to send more letters. It's as simple as that.


Who are you going to send your letter to?

That's the first step in this process.


Make A List Of Potential Clients

What type of businesses do you want to work with?

Now make a list of all those businesses. Where do you go to find potential clients?

Here's where I look:

  1. Google
  2. Facebook
  3. YouTube
  4. Podcasts
  5. Books (on Amazon)
  6. Magazines (consumer & trade)
  7. Network


With 4 hours of desk research, you should have a list of 50 to 100 potential clients.


Don't get too excited yet because not all of them can afford your fee. So it's time to filter this list for the clients you want to meet.


Filter The List

There are many different criteria that you can use to filter your clients for their ability to pay. And the simple desk research that I use is Companies House.

I look at the client's accounts and make the decision to contact them based on that.

What happens if I can't find them on Companies House?

Then they go in the No pile.

This filtering process takes a list of 100 potential clients and reduces it to 10.

That means I'm going to send 10 letters. And... I'm going to focus my attention on speaking with the CEOs of 10 companies. It is this focus that helps to generate results.

Now let's look at the creative and most important part of this system.


Send Them Your Irresistible Offer Letter

What is an Irresistible Offer Letter?

It's a letter that explains what problem you solve in a way that makes the CEO say “I want that”.

The letter goes on to explain why you would like to have a meeting with them. And... what's in it for them if they meet with you.

Finally it tells the recipient that you will call them to arrange a time when you can meet.

Simple letter that packs a powerful punch when you do it right.


Call To Set Up A Meeting

Your Irresistible Offer Letter can make the CEO of your ideal client pick up the phone and call you. But don't bet on this happening.

The purpose of the letter is to make the CEO accept your call.

If you try and cold call the CEO then you'll have to fight your way through layers and layers of gatekeepers.

The letter bypasses the gatekeepers and gets your foot in the door.

So, it's your responsibility to pick up the phone and dial. Repeatedly.

Let's face it, CEOs are busy. So you may have to call a few times before you can speak with them. That's okay. Keep calling until you get through. You've got a good reason to speak with them. And you've approached them in a way that makes you stand out. So until you hear that the CEO doesn't want to speak with you. Keep calling.

The purpose of the call is ONLY to set up a face to face meeting. So when you speak to the CEO don't steal an hour of their time. They may ask you a little bit more about your system or to remind them what you can do for them. Then you can set up a meeting.

Don't try and sell from the phone. It's much easier to do that face to face.


Meet The CEO… And Leaving With A Yes

The purpose of the meeting is to get a new contract.

Your job is to make the CEO see how you can help him. To make him want to work with you. And if possible, to set out some dates on when you can start working.

The first and biggest hurdle is to make the CEO see how you can help him. The CEO wants to know that you can deliver on your promises. So how do you show that without bragging?

You tell your Product Origin story... in greater detail than 3 short paragraphs. You fill the story with emotion to make it memorable. Then you bridge into how you can do the same for his company.

The meeting is all about them and their problems and how you can help them better than anyone else. It's all about telling the stories behind the amazing results that you have achieved. If you can do that... then you'll leave with a Yes.


Now It's Your Turn 

That's the process. Simple. Repeatable. All you have to do is use it.


What's the first step?

To uncover the hidden goldmine in your consulting business!

You need to find the problem that you solve better than anyone else. And if you have a product that is not measurably different from someone else. Then you need to add something to your offer to make it unique.

If you know what problem you solve better than anyone else. Then write your Product Origin story in the 3-Act Structure that I showed you.

These are the steps you must take before you start crafting your Irresistible Offer Letter. Before you can start building a list of potential clients to write to. Before you can start sending letters. That comes once you have taken the first 2 steps. So do that now.

If this has opened your eyes to how you can win consulting clients on demand. Then please leave a comment below.

If this can help someone you know then please share this with them.

Until next time...

Carpe diem

Roland Eva


P.S. I built a 6-figure copywriting and business consultancy virtually overnight by updating my LinkedIn profile. After working through those opportunities my income dropped to “should I get a job” levels because I didn’t have a repeatable process to win consulting clients.

Then I dusted off a simple process that I used to get my first consulting clients. Before I had a website or anything on the web telling people that I was a copywriter and business consultant. You see, at the time I had a full-time job and I didn’t want to advertise that I did consulting because I thought it would create problems at work.

With no website, no social media presence, and no network of connections I contacted the CEO of a multi-million company in a way that made him excited to meet me. At our first meeting, he hired me on the spot.

Once I started to use this proven process to make CEO excited to meet me. I started working with the biggest businesses in different industries and quickly built back a 6-figure business.

Would you like to learn how to use my simple process to win consulting clients on demand?

There’s a simple step by step process that I’ve outline in my book Consulting Clients On Demand.

Here are a few of the powerful techniques you’ll learn in the book…

  1. How to find consulting clients that need your help and can afford your fee
  2. How to filter out clients that can’t afford your fee before you speak with them!
  3. How to build a pipeline of opportunities so you never have to reduce your fee
  4. How to make CEOs excited to meet you. This has nothing to do with your social media profile… your network… or the quality of your website. What makes the difference is how you approach them!
  5. Is there a “best” time to call a CEO? Absolutely! I’ll show you the simple way to find this life changing information.
  6. The fatal mistake that makes CEOs say No to working with you
  7. The hidden goldmine in your consulting business! And how to turn it into cash with 90 days
  8. The little-known way to promote your business with ZERO competition… even if you work in a highly competitive market and could easily be seen as a commodity on LinkedIn
  9. Why you should never cold call… and what to do instead
  10. How to turn gatekeepers into allies that help you get your foot in the door. This is a make or break step to speaking with CEOs. The last thing you want is a PA who refuses to put your calls through.

To download your free copy now click the link below.

About The Author

I'm a copywriter and business growth consultant, trainer and mentor that turns expertise into cash. I achieve that by telling true stories that inspire people to change their life. That's what makes people feel good about buying.

For the last 5 years, I've helped business owners to sell products and services in many industries. The products and services have ranged in price from £5 to £12,000.

My most successful campaign made £672,989 in 9 days.

I took that result and transformed it into a simple repeatable system. A system that I use as a consultant to create a giant leap in sales.

A system that I teach to ambitious entrepreneurs that want to make money on demand without a sales team.

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