The Secret To Selling £100K Mentorship Programs


Last month I had a mastermind day with a much more experienced marketer and business builder.

What started out as throwing some ideas around turned into a masterclass in how to sell high-end mentorship and mastermind programs. I'm not talking about £1,000 workshop or online course. I'm not talking about a £6,000 mastermind. I'm not talking about a £12,000 mentorship.

Karen knew the secret to selling £100,000 mastermind programs.

To Karen this was old news.

I sat wide-eyed and open-mouthed and furiously took notes as nuggets of gold dripped from her lips.

Why was I so shocked?

Because Karen's model did not involve...

  1. Building a bigger list
  2. Complex funnels
  3. A huge product staircase


The secret to selling £100,000 mastermind programs is...



Knowing Where You Are Superman

On Krypton Superman is just another ordinary guy. It's only on Earth where he is unique... and has a special set of skills that people will pay a huge amount of money for.

So... where are you superman?

What experience makes you an expert that no one can touch?

What problem can you solve better than anyone else?

If you're not finding any new ideas then there's where you need to look...


Riches Are In Niches

I'm sure you've heard that before... that riches are in niches. And if you're anything like me... you ignored this sage advice.

And this is where you are superman!

This is where you have an experience that no one else can touch.

I fell hopelessly into the trap of thinking that a bigger market would give me a bigger income.

Karen showed me that this was not only foolish thinking. That thinking is was making growth a lot harder. In fact, Karen proved that my strategy was like running up sand dunes in a hurricane. While her strategy was like skipping down a smooth road with the sun on her face and the wind on her back.

Karen's secret is to focus on a niche where she is superman.

So what pivot did I make instantly?

I realised that trying to teach everyone how to start and grow a business is stupid!

I realised that trying to teach everyone how to grow an online business is stupid!

Karen helped me see that there are 2 areas where I am superman:

  1. Helping trainers and mentors to make sales on demand without a sales team. Using a campaign that combines value, storytelling, social proof and an irresistible offer.
  2. Helping consultants to win clients on demand with an irresistible offer letter.


That focus has helped me clarify my message. That focus has helped me to clarify my actions. That focus has enabled me to double my business.


Because it's easier to attract new clients. It's easier to make sales to your existing database. It's easier to sell your customers a higher value product.


I haven't sold a £100K mentorship program... yet!

And Karen shared her experience of selling £20K, £40K and £60K mastermind programs. And she told me why she felt lucky to buy a seat on a £100K mastermind program.

We'll get to that in a moment...

For now, I want to help you find where you are unique. Where your skills and experience put you in an uncontested market.

Here are 4 areas that will help you find your unique expertise...

  1. Experience & Results
  2. Formal & Other Learning
  3. Media
  4. Success Stories


Let's look at each of these in turn...


Experience & Results 

Do you have 20 years experience at the coalface of your market?

If you do, then you have something that makes you untouchable.

I speak to many experts with 10 years or more experience. They want to start a training and mentorship company and complain about these "overnight gurus".

My response is that if they have forgotten more than these "overnight gurus" have learned then stop complaining and start demonstrating how they can help people better than anyone else.

If they can say that this worked in the past but it doesn't now... and here's why. That worked in the past but it doesn't now... and here's why.


The one thing that gets the fastest results today is...

Then they position themselves uniquely in the market. They demonstrate their expertise in a way that the "overnight gurus" can't.


I'm not saying the "overnight gurus" don't have valuable information to share. If they have an amazing result that other people want... then they should use that to attract their ideal customer.

I've just bought the back catalogue (22 courses) of a US copywriter that has written several sales letters that made $1 million!

That's a result that I want. So, I'm learning from someone that is writing now... and getting stunning results now.

Experience and results are the biggest areas to find your expertise. Now let's look at another area.


Formal & Other Learning

My journey to learn how to turn strangers into customers on demand took me through formal marketing education and onto street smarts learning. It was street smarts learning that made the difference.

This builds my authority because I've done both. Someone that has only done formal study will always say that's better because that is their only experience. Having both positions you differently.

Do you have any related education or experience that helps you now?

For example, the fact that I used to be a photographer and graphic designer helps me talk about sales page copy and design. As a former graphic designer I have a skill that most copywriters don't.


Do you have a hard-won skill that you've forgotten about because it is not directly related to what you do today?



Do you have media features that your competitors don't?

These are huge credibility stamps that you must use. If Men's Fitness, Esquire and the Daily Mail say that you have the perfect weight loss solution for men over 40. Then you've got a positioning and credibility statement that you should run with.


Success Stories

What do your customers say about you? How do they describe how you have helped them?

This can help you find your unique expertise.

Similarly, look at the customers that buy your workshops, especially your mastermind and mentorship programs. Do they all have a similar problem that they want you to solve?

If that's the case, then use that as your niche.

That focus can transform your expertise from a property trainer, to an HMO trainer, to the expert that shows you how to build an HMO portfolio and a team to manage it... so you have the freedom to travel the world.

If you're a property trainer and mentor. Then you are in a competitive market and there is nothing to separate you from the crowd.


If you are a property expert that shows you how to build an HMO portfolio and a team to manage it. Then you have a unique position in the market. You will repel the newbies that want to buy their first HMO. And you will attract those that already have 5 and want to buy 20 or more and are worried about the future management problems.

Which prospect will pay more for your help?


What Difference Will This Make To You? 

What difference would it make your business if you sold a mastermind or mentorship package that is 10x higher than anything you currently have?

How many would you need to sell to double your business?

There's one big obstacle that can get in the way of you doing this. Do you know what it is? The answer will surprise you. Because the answer is...


You can stop yourself from creating a £60K or £100K program. The little voice in your head that tells you that you are a fraud or that you aren't worth that much. That voice will stop you doing this.

How do you squash that voice?

You get crystal clear on where you are superman!

When you know with certainty the type of customer that you can help achieve a giant leap in their business. Then you'll know you are not a fraud. You'll also know the difference that you can make to their life and business. You'll know what that difference is worth to you. So you can stand behind your product price knowing you can deliver far more value than the price you are asking.


Now It's Your Turn

You can make a fast and dramatic leap in sales when you know where you are superman. Where you have skills that make you unique. Skills that you can use to help other people make huge changes in their business and life.

It all starts with knowing where you are superman. So go through the 4 areas in this blog to find your unique positioning. Then you can use that to better sell your workshops and mentorship to your email database. And you can use that unique positioning to create a new higher value mentorship program.

If you've found this useful then please leave a comment below.

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If you'd like me to help you find your unique expertise and to help you create a mentorship program that's 10x the price of what you currently sell. Then please email me on

Until next time...

Carpe diem

Roland Eva


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I'm a copywriter and business growth consultant, trainer and mentor that turns expertise into cash. I achieve that by telling true stories that inspire people to change their life. That's what makes people feel good about buying.

For the last 5 years, I've helped business owners to sell products and services in many industries. The products and services have ranged in price from £5 to £12,000.

My most successful campaign made £672,989 in 9 days.

I took that result and transformed it into a simple repeatable system. A system that I use as a consultant to create a giant leap in sales.

A system that I teach to ambitious entrepreneurs that want to make money on demand without a sales team.

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