How To Turn Cold Prospects Into Buyers... In ONE Message


Dear Training Company Owner

When it comes to making sales online without a sales team. There's one simple rule that I have followed for the last 7 years...

The secret to selling anything is to create trust, weave a believable story, justify the expense and help fulfil a burning desire in your customer.

This is the rule that has led me to create 6-figure campaigns in multiple industries. My most successful campaign made £672,989. 

I've recently read a book written in 1966 that replaces that simple sales rule with something much more powerful.

I'd like to tell you what I've learned... and how you can use this insight to grow your business. More specifically, I'll show you how to use this insight to turn cold prospects into buyers.

The book I read is Breakthrough Advertising by Eugene Schwartz. As you'll discover, getting your hands on this book is not easy. A quick search on Amazon will reveal that it's out of print and second-hand copies are selling for £1,702.99!

That's one of the reasons why I didn't immediately buy this book after getting several recommendations.

So, what did I learn and how can you use these secrets to grow your business?

I learned that there are 5 levels of customer awareness. And if you want to persuade prospects to buy. You must meet them at their current level of awareness. Then move them through the other awareness levels BEFORE you can make the sale.

Think of the 5 levels of customer awareness as a staircase. The bottom being unaware. The top being the sale.

If a prospect is on the first step (one up from the bottom) you will need to lead him by the hand up the other 4 steps before you can make the sale.

How do you do that?

I'll show you that in a moment. First, let me show you...


The 5 Levels Of Customer Awareness

Here are the 5 levels of customer awareness...

  1. Unaware
  2. Problem Aware
  3. Solution Aware
  4. You Aware
  5. Deal Aware


Here's what each of those levels of customer awareness means and why you need to approach them differently.



#1. Unaware

The unaware prospect is someone that has no problem, desire or need.

Or the need is so general that you can't easily pull them into your ad.

For example, the desire to earn more money. That's a universal desire and want. But it's a fantasy. Most people have completely dismissed their ability to change their financial situation. Which is why you will struggle to win their attention.

When I was in my 20's I could see that property is a proven wealth vehicle. I immediately dismissed this as something that I could do because I didn't have the money to buy a house.

Would I have read an ad with a headline like...

Buy A House For £1

Probably not. I would dismiss this as a scam or too-good-to-be-true.

Would I have read an ad with a headline like...

How To Buy A House With Other People's Money

Absolutely not! That's so far into the too-good-to-be-true spectrum that I wouldn't have read more than the headline.

The unaware market is always the biggest. So it has the most potential.


It is the hardest to reach because prospects have no problem, desire or need. Or the immediately dismiss your claims as fantasy.

If you can tap into an unaware market then you can become wealthy overnight.

The most famous copywriters became wealthy overnight by tapping into huge unaware markets.

The best example is Gary Halbert with his "Coat of Arms" letter.

This is a 200-word sales letter that took him 18 months to write... and made him $200 million!

Obviously, it didn't take him 18 months to write 200 words. It took him 18 months of testing to get the letter and offer right.

What was he selling?

A picture of the McDonald coat of arms.

Why McDonald?

Because this was the biggest market in America.

He then took the phone book and started mailing every McDonald he could find.

You won't find a more unaware market than Mr and Mrs McDonald and trying to sell them a picture of their coat of arms. 

They didn't know they had a coat of arms. And why would they want to put this on their wall?

That's what Gary Halbert's 200-word sales letter persuaded people to buy. Tapping into an unaware market made him an overnight millionaire... after the 18 months of trial and error.


#2. Problem Aware

The problem aware prospect knows they have a problem. They don't know that a solution exists.

So, let's return to the 20-year-old version of me. I know that property is a proven wealth vehicle. But I don't have the money to buy a house. So I immediately dismiss this as something that I can do.

What happens if I received £20,000 of inheritance?

Suddenly I can invest in property.

Now, the 20-year-old Roland would have walked into an estate agent and paid the asking price for a house. I thought property investing was a simple as that.

I was living in Cambridge in my 20s and let me tell you, even £20,000 isn't going to buy a house.

So, I've got a problem. I've got some inheritance that I want to invest in property. But I still can't afford to buy in Cambridge.


Would I have bought a house in a town or village outside of Cambridge? Or would I have procrastinated because I didn't know if it would rent?

Do you see the dilemma?

I've got a problem. And... I don't know that a solution exists.

So would I read ads with the headline...

How To Buy A House With Other People's Money

No! That's the fantasy that I don't believe.

Would I read an ad with the headline...

Millionaire Reveals: How To Buy The Right Investment Property In The Right Area To Become Wealthy


I would want to know how to buy the right property in the right area. I would want to learn from a millionaire.

So the headline pulls me into the ad by meeting me at my current level of awareness.

A problem aware market is huge. And it is very difficult to reach because your ad first needs to specifically define the problem. Then lead the prospect through the next 4 levels of awareness.

Personally, I believe this market segment has the biggest potential. Because you can reach people much more easily than an unaware prospect. And this market segment has much less competition than any other.

Yes, you need a master copywriter to help you tap into this market. And it is worth the investment because the potential is huge.


#3. Solution Aware

A solution aware prospect is aware that there is a solution to their problem.

For example, the 20-year-old Roland knows that there are property training companies that can help him invest.

What he doesn't know is which training company is the best and why.

Similarly, you may know that copywriters can help you make sales without a sales team. You may know that some copywriters can turn your email database into a 6-figure campaign. But you may not know who is the best copywriter and why you should work with one over another.

To persuade the prospect to buy from you. You need to establish buying criteria.

You establish buying criteria by showing the prospect what the perfect solution looks like and why. As long as you have something unique. Then you establish buying criteria that makes you the ONLY solution.


#4. You Aware

A you aware prospect knows that they have a problem. They know that a solution exists. And they know that you have a solution that could help them.

Please DO NOT think that everyone on your database is You Aware. Yes, they are on your list so they should know that you can help them solve their problem. But this may mean that they only know you have a solution and they are looking for the reasons why they should buy from you over anyone else.

With a you aware prospect you need to explain your offer in ways that they can see and feel. And you need to show them why they must buy now rather than delaying their decision.

The genuinely you aware customer is easy to sell to because most of the selling has already happened. The prospect knows who you are, how you can help them, why they should trust you and what makes you unique.

That's a lot of information to know about someone so don't assume this is most of your list.

In fact, this is likely to only be your current buyers.


#5. Deal Aware

A deal aware prospect knows that you have a solution that can help them. They even know the specific product that you have and what it costs.

This customer only needs a deal or some other urgency or scarcity reason to buy now.

So, this customer is the easiest to sell to if you have an urgent offer.


With a deal aware customer, a direct approach to the sale could kill response because...


The Most Aware Customer Might Be The Most Skeptical

There's a simple truth in marketing and sales...

A buyer, is a buyer, is a buyer.


The easiest person to sell to is someone that has bought a workshop or online course or mentorship before.

These are the people that may have had a good experience from their last workshop. So they are willing to buy another.

These are the people that are often called course junkies.

Today, I fall into this category.

I know from experience that online courses and mentorship programs can change my life. So, I'm looking for something else that can give me better results.


This makes me very sceptical!

If you don't have something new or different. Then I'm not interested.

If you make outrageous claims that I know or believe are unachievable. Then I won't believe anything else you have to say.


A direct message is going to kill the sale with me.

I don't want to read an ad because I want to buy another course or mentorship.

In fact, I don't want to read an ad!


Make your ad so engaging... and so curiosity provoking that... I absolutely have to drop everything to read your message!

How do you do that?

By giving me a front-row seat to a better life...


By telling inspirational stories. 

This is how you can...



Turn Prospects Into Buyers... In ONE Message

You see, when you pull readers into your message with a story or a secret or a 10X opportunity. You pull in readers of all levels of awareness, except unaware.

You make prospects excited to read your message because it is interesting. They don't feel like you are pitching them.

When you pull your reader into your message with a secret. You can pull them deep into your message before they realise that you have something to sell. Or even if they know a pitch is coming... they want to know the secret so badly that they keep reading.

That's how you pull customers of all levels of awareness into your ad.

That's how you make the problem aware customers exciting to learn more. And that's how you pull in the sceptical you aware and deal aware customers.

When you pull the reader in with a secret you can explain why they need this now before you reveal the secret.

Once the reader knows what the secret is, why they need it now and how it can change their life. They might have read 2,000 words. At this point, it's easy to keep them reading about your offer.



How Does A Secret Ad Pull In Customers Of All Awareness Levels?

It's the secret to get what prospects want most, faster or easier than anything else.

Problem aware customers want a solution to their problem. And they want the perfect outcome. In the case of someone wanting to invest in property. They don't really want to buy the right house in the right area. They want a passive income that they can use to take their family on holiday or buy the car of their dreams. Or both!

In the same way, solution aware customers don't want the mechanism that delivers the solution. They want the outcome. They want to know how your mechanism works so they believe they can achieve the outcome. And it is the secret that first pulls the solution aware customer into your ad.

You aware customers are pulled into your ad with a new idea. They might know your story and your expertise and why they should trust you. And they probably remember less of it than you think. After all, you are not the most important person in their life.

If they remember who you are and how you can help them. They still want a new angle that explains how you can help them in a fresh way. A way that makes them excited to learn more. That's the power of the secret.

Deal aware customers know what you have to sell. They may even know the price. And they haven't bought because the timing was wrong or it was the wrong product for them.

Let's say the timing was wrong. They want what you have to offer but they want it when they are less busy.

As you know, there's no such thing as being less busy. You have to make time for your priorities. Not have time and fill it with your priorities.

So the secret hook pulls the deal aware prospect into the ad and explains why they need your product right now. If your ad explains why they need it now in a new way then you will make the sale.



How Can You Use This In The Real World?

You can use this with a webinar.

The entire webinar promotional emails are about the secret. And you ONLY reveal what the secret is... on the webinar.

If you tell readers the secret is in the webinar registration copy. Then you can lose the more aware prospects.

You can also use this with a sales letter. In fact, this is where I've seen it used most. And these are the ads that made $1 million or more.


Because they can appeal to huge audiences. Secrets pull in the most aware customers all the way through to the problem aware customers.

Now, so far the focus of this post has been about the headline and pulling your audience into your ad.

Once you've got them reading. How do you move a problem aware customer through the different stages of awareness and on to the sale?

The first thing you must do is...


Focus On The Problem

You've got to make the reader see and feel the problem.

Then you need to twist the knife a little. You need them to feel the pain right now. So that they want to solve the problem.

You could twist the knife further by outlining the negative consequences of not solving the problem right now.

The bigger the consequences of not solving the problem. The more you build the need for your solution.

Then you need to...


Differentiate Your Solution

When you tell your story of how you discovered your solution. You can tell all the things that you tried and failed with. And gives specific reasons why the first solution you tried failed to solve the problem.

Then give specific reasons why the second solution failed to solve the problem. And on and on.

When you do this, you tell an inspirational personal story. You build even more need for your solution.


You differentiate your solution from the competition.

You state that the perfect solution must have A, B, C, D and E. And that your solution is the only that you have found that has E. 

As long as your prospect agrees with your buying criteria. Then the ONLY solution that will completely solve their problem is yours.

Then you can show them...


Your Mechanism

The mechanism is the system to achieve the result.

You want to show your prospect the mechanism in enough detail that they can see how it works in the real world.

If they can see how it works (without knowing the how-to detail). Then they will believe that your mechanism can deliver the results you promise. When they use it.

So at this point, you have established your credibility. You have established what makes you unique. You have made your prospect believe that they can use your mechanism to change their life.

Now it's time to drive that point home with...


Success Stories

You want to show that your unique mechanism is the magic fairy dust. That anyone can enjoy life-changing results when they use it. So use customer testimonials to prove this.

The more testimonials you have the better. Use as many as possible so the reader can see that someone just like them has succeeded with your system.

You've now lead your customer from Problem Aware to Solution Aware and to You Aware. Now it's time to...


Make Your Offer

This is when you state what you are selling. A 3-day workshop. A 6-module online course. A 12-month mentorship program.


No one buys features. So you need to show your customer the emotional and practical benefits of your offer. You've got to make them see and feel the benefits.

This is when you move your prospect from interested to desperately wanting.


Now it's time to...


Stack The Cool

This is when you tell the prospect all the extra things you will give them if they buy before a specific deadline.

Bonuses can make an ordinary offer irresistible because the prospect wants all the extras.

I've seen million dollar promotions that lead with the bonus. The best thing about doing that is you can mention how valuable and expensive it is... and that it won't cost them a penny.

This is an intrigue hook that keeps prospects reading. They don't understand how they can get something so valuable for free. You only reveal how... once you've made your offer.


When you are selling online, you don't have the luxury of your customer asking questions. So you've got to answer them for him. So now you...


Remove All Risk

Removing all risk is not only about a money-back guarantee. In fact, money is not the biggest objection to the sale.

The biggest objection is, is this right for me?

If you can show the prospect that this is right for them at their level of experience. With their available time. With their desire to change their life.

Then you have led them all the way to the sale.

At this point, a money-back guarantee is the cherry on the cake.

There's one final thing to pull the procrastinators across the finish line...



There are several types of urgency.

There is time urgency. They have to buy before the deadline to get the product with the bonuses.

There is quantity urgency. This is relevant if you can only have 50 people in the room.

There is personal urgency. This is the most powerful when used right. This is where you focus on the prospect and their desire to change their life. And the fact that they have endured this problem for long enough. It's up to them if they want to solve it now. Or if they prefer to complain to their friends.

After all that it's time to...


Justify The Expense

Now you tell the prospect the investment and why this is such a bargain.

If you can make the prospect see that the investment is a fraction of the cost that you paid to create this system. Then it's immediately obvious that they save time and money by working with you.

The only thing left to do is...


Call To Action

The call to action needs to remind the prospect of what they are getting. Then it needs to tell them specifically what they have to do to buy.

With an online sales letter, this can be as simple as click the link below. You'll be taken to a page where you need to enter your contact details and your payment details. Then you'll get instant access to...

That's it.

that's how you turn cold prospects into buyers... in one message.


Now It's Your Turn

Now you know the different levels of customer awareness. You can use this insight to lower your lead generation costs.


By better understanding who you are targeting. And then leading them by the hand through the different levels of awareness to the sale. For lead generation the sale is the opt-in rather than a monetary sale. And better understanding who you are targeting will help you craft a message that will pull them into your ad.

You can use this insight to write a better sales page and webinar for your next campaign.

Remember that no one wants to read an ad. Even those that are looking for workshops that can help them get better results.

So tell stories, reveal secrets and pull your customers into the most exciting thing they will read today.

If you've found this useful then please leave a comment below.

If this can help a training company owner that you now. Then please share it with them.

Until next time...

Carpe diem

Roland Eva


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I'm a copywriter and marketing consultant that turns an email database into a 6-figure income... without a sales team.

Filling "discovery" events with Facebook and YouTube ads and external databases is hard and expensive.

60% of registrants do not attend.


Only 20% of attendees buy.

So, 92% of "discovery" event leads do not buy.

What do you currently do with this 92 % of your leads?

Do you have a nurturing system in place to earn their trust and convert them into customers?


Do they lie dormant?

I can turn these dormant leads into high-ticket workshop and online course sales without a sales team.

In fact, turning your dormant leads into sales won't need any time or resource from your team. And it will only need 6 hours of your time, or the course creators time.

How is that possible?

The short answer is that I've got a simple system to turn dormant leads into customers. I do this by combining Upfront Value, Storytelling, Social Proof and an Irresistible Offer.

This system has 12 days of upfront value. Followed by 11 days of sales. Then the shopping cart closes and the offer disappears.

I've used this simple system to turn dormant leads into £100,000 plus in many different industries. 

My most successful campaign made £672,989.

I use this system as a consultant to create 6-figure campaigns.

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